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Japan Nagoya Mission
1-304 Itakadai, Meito-ku
Nagoya, Japan T465-0028

Sunday, October 8, 2017

weekly mission email

This week we were bouncing all over the place between exchanges. On the exchange with the Zone Leaders we ran into this guy who was all a missionary ever asked for. The conversation went something like:

“Good evening, how are you?” (“”=Missionaries and    =guy)
I’m fine, thank are. Are you guys from America? 
“Yeah! We're volunteer missionaries for the Christian Church around the corner.”
Really? I love English, I really want to learn. Would you be my friend? 
“Of course! We are actually teaching English tonight as a community service. Would you like to come?” 
Man, I can’t tonight. Sounds good, though, do you offer anything for the weekends? 
“Well, we can do private lessons for 30 minutes in exchange for a 30 minute introductory explanation about our church. Would you be interested in that?” 
Jesus Christ? I traveled in Europe once and saw all the beautiful Christian churches, and have been curious about Jesus ever since. Yeah, I’m interested. Actually, do you have thirty minutes right now? I’ll buy us drinks and we can talk about it. 

And then we continued to set up a 30/30 appointment and such. It was cool. He was practically asking us for the lessons. 

This weekend in Tsu was a huge お祭り (festival) that happened to land exactly on the street in front of the church. It was great! We did a lot of prep, including:

— Printing and Posting the church name on the windows upstairs so you could see it across the street and over the small shops parked out in front 
— Putting up some street signs pointing people towards a Free Toilet! Wow! 
— Setting up the church lobby so that people were immersed on the way to said toilet. MoTab playing in the background, a BOM display with an array of about 10 different languages, huge posters containing the basic Plan of Salvation pamphlet on it, and such. 
— Opening up the chapel doors, for anybody to walk and take a rest in. A quiet place, and we just happened to have General Conference playing on a TV up front. Some people walked in only because they were curious what the Japanese voice on the TV was saying for the American speaker.  

And then all the missionaries were out front handing out flyers and pointing people to the church. Man, so many people! I’m pretty tired. I haven’t walked and stood for so long in my life. 



Sunday, October 1, 2017

food blog

Don’t even ask.

What a mess of a curry

Hawaiian LocoMoto 

weekly mission email

Lots going on but here are the highlights. 

We bike around the college a lot, and found a couple chill students who are interested in the message and agreed to meet again in the next couple weeks. I love talking to young college kids, they’re so open and funny. 

There was a big hiking event that a member took us to, and we met a guy who ended up talking to us the entire time! What better time to talk about the church than when people are too tired to run away because they’re climbing a mountain? 

Interviews with President Ishii are always a pleasure, and I can see the increased trust he has in me just by how my interview is conducted. The mission is trying to push for Family History Finding, but the problem is that nobody knows how to use Family History for finding ...so we need to come up with some creative ideas. We'll do our best!


Elder Cardon 

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Food Blog

Crunchy banana bread because we put it in while the oven was preheating, but the crunch actually turned out to be the best part. 

The best bakery in Japan is located right next to our church 
Bottom left: basically Apple Turnovers/cobbler filling 
Top left: berries and cream cheese filling 
Top right: bacon and cheese chunks 
Bottom right: pizza filled cheese bread 

Some lady gave us shark meat, so we fried it up and ate it together with the Brazilian beans and rice that a different lady gave to us. It was a good day. 

weekly email

This week in Tsu>: 

For the first time in my mission we received a call from temple square! A lady requested a BOM in our area! Wait, wait.. it’s the lady we found two weeks ago on an exchange, and followed up in a brief drop-by last week. We always called her Wonder Woman, but I wondered what her actual name was (she wouldn’t tell us); turns out to be Maegawa! 

We had a return appointment that same Wednesday, so we took our best copies of the BOM in each of our bags and brought along the sister missionaries, because we planned on handing off this investigator to them. The door opened and the transaction went smoothly. The sisters were invited inside and we were off on a train to work somewhere else. 

...and then two hours later we got a text, one of those mandatory information texts sent to everyone important when something happens. (I’m District Leader down in this area) The Sisters had made this Wonder Woman a baptismal candidate, with a committed date! Wha? Did we happen to hand-off the next baptism in Tsu? Whoa! Let's go Sisters, miracle workers. 

In other news, Monday night we were down in Matsusaka for a Family Home Evening (FHE) with members. Having an hour or so before it started, and having set a goal for a certain amount of people talked to each day, we wondered around the station in our first actual time working in this part of our area. 
There’s practically nobody around, but Elder Reis stopped a lonesome high schooler caught on his way inside the station. The high schooler actually stopped to listen for a bit, and by then I was back to jump into the conversation; he had his book out for some light reading, but a glance revealed that like all typical high schoolers in Japan the Book wasn’t for amusement but rather for cramming in subject specific information—this one happened to be English. 
And the conversation took off! We set a next appointment where we could help with his English homework, and then get a couple minutes in to talk about God afterwards. It was great! 

Shuuya. The appointment was kinda sketchy because we had no way to contact the guy, but on Sunday night we faithfully went all the way down to that area again to meet him. 
And he showed up! Right on time. It was awesome. We sat down at a local park and had a great time, and we laughed over his insanely difficult English practice essays.  
At the end, we talked about the idea of God and what kind of person Shuuya thought God would be. We encouraged him to think about prayer, and the intimate relationship he can have with our Heavenly Father. It was smooth and didn’t seem to stumble anywhere. 

So we’re blessed down here. We’ll meet again with the people we found last week, and find more people to meet more next week. Japan has a bright future in its youth. 


Elder Cardon 

Paper houses in a paper town. Right? 

Reis' traditional clothes

Sunday, September 17, 2017

food blog

Thanks for all the delicious chocolates! Reis has kindly rated them
according to his favorites. The results are as follows:

1) Toblerone 
2) Oreo Milka chocolate bar 
3) 100 Grand 
4) Hershey's Vanilla Creme cookie bar 
5) Take 5 
6) Twix 
7) Snicker's Hazelnut 

Thanks! It was a fun experience. 

The bakery next to the church is soooo good. 

Emergency Drill Test 

Look at the tie. Love the tie. 

weekly letter

Tsu is such a good area. Honestly, I don't think that an area can be
as good as Tsu. It has everything!

This week we were all super charged after a fire Zone Conference about
Goals and then channeled all that spiritual energy into a bomb
exchange. It really was the best exchange ever.

We were just out to talk to everyone on the street on the way to a
housing area that I wanted to check out, but actually we never arrived
to the housing area because we talked to so many people on the street!
There was this Vietnamese guy who waved us over, who doesn't speak a
lick of Japanese or English, but was pretty good at giving high fives,
whom I happened to have a leftover Vietnamese pamphlet for. He lives
close, maybe I can give the sequel pamphlet if I ever see him again.
And a cool young guy who we stopped and he rejected us three second
flat, but just talking to him and being energetic he ended up giving
us his number and asking that we go out to eat sometime.
Unexpected Indo Curry and super spiritual lesson/instant investigator.
This chill guy from Osaka, who has a lot of addictions, is wondering
what he's doing with his life and then he met us. It was all fun and
games until we asked him if we could go out to eat together sometime,
and he asked in return if tonight wasn't alright. And so we got dinner
and a lesson! But really, the dude opened up to us and his attitude
turned from a skeptical, kinda draw away from the whole Christian
prayer and reading deal into something more like, "Alright, maybe I'll
try it." It was definitely a memorable experience for both of us. It
was cool relating to him through my own experiences and then bearing
testimony through that. Pray that this guy was touched and reads the

We wrapped up that night by talking with a green haired Babylon. Just
a dude with his friend chauffeuring people into a night club. They
were chill.

And then lots of other cool things. We had two birthdays in the
District last week. Elder Higashi didn't think he would get anything
on a mission bday, but he ended up receiving some of the best food a
missionary in Japan can find: premium Indo Curry, fondue Oreo balls,
and Matsusaka Beef! A5 stuff that's ¥1000/100 grams. Soft, juicy, no
contaminants (we didn't buy this; the Ise Branch President did).

Loving it out here.


Elder Cardon


Sunday, September 10, 2017

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Best of wishes and all the love in the world to you!

I didn't get to send a letter, but I've taken the liberty of making a video and taking photographic pictures. 

Hope it makes up for everything. I'm excited to hear about your special day, along with Ben and Grandpa Cardon! Best wishes to them, too. 


food blog

Some kind of Brazilian treat. Pretty good.

It was a fancy hotel food restaurant 

Waffles! We actually have a Maker! sweeeet 

Oh, my companion...


weekly mission email

Down from Tsu in that awkward week between transfers:

We saw miracles!

We found a spot in the area close to the big University that has a ton
of small apartments and such scattered all over the place.
Missionary's dream, right? Basically Disneyland.

We're out knocking doors at night and looking for the prepared, tired
from the stairs but excited to try a building that's bright orange!
What a welcome change in scenery.

And of course the top floor, last door opens up to us and it's a lady
from Okinawa who doesn't mind listening to us about Christ one bit.
But then her kid comes out to talk, and another, and another ...it's a
whole family who's open to us, and they're all super Genki! Haven't
really thought about the idea of God before, but it's not like they're
against the thought or anything. We're excited to follow up with them
and teach the Plan of Salvation this week.

But better yet, on Sunday we had Ward Council Meeting and mention the
family as part of the missionary efforts, and the young women's leader
happens to know them! She's a school teacher for that area and knows
each of the kids, by name. It was awesome. So, instant fellowshipping
plus great insights for us. Loving God's hand in all of this.

And we'll see how it goes! Hoping for the best.


Elder Cardon

Sunday, September 3, 2017

weekly mission email

This week in Tsu: 

I've found that the more I actually understand the scriptures, the more I want to go out and preach the gospel. Isaiah is a powerful teacher, and a great motivator. 

Reis has been eating hotdogs wrong his entire life. Silly Brazilians are making a sausage stew-type thing and then pouring it into the buns. 
"Doesn't it all just fall out the ends when you go to eat it?"
"That is the problem with this." 

We called a guy this week who's been hanging around in the records for 10+ years, and made contact! Turns out he's moved recently to a city called Kihou--right on the very edge of the area below us (Ise). The city is basically a town made up of three streets, and is split in half by a river which also divides the Japan Nagoya mission from the Japan Kobe mission. Takes five hours by train to get there (from the Ise apartment) ...let's go! 

We were in a rush biking around late at night, but starved out of our minds, and so decided to grab and go with Take-Out at Sukiya (a rice bowl restaurant out here). Literally took less than a minute for them to prepare and hand us the food. I don't think I've ever seen even McDonald's have such fast service. 

At our apartment check, the Senior Couple told us to take out all of the grass we had growing in our small garden outside (because we have a mini house for an apartment). I guess that's the reason behind the sneaky small bugs we had weezling into the apartment, and trains of ants on the countertops! 

We had transfer announcements Friday night, and I got my text pretty much on time, but Elder Reis' never came. We're just gonna assume that he's staying by default. 

I dunno why, but we keep running into guys from India who happen to be Christian and are looking for a church with English translation services. Well, you found one! 

It was an interesting week. 


Elder Cardon

The food is a Brazilian treat called Brigadeiro, made up of Condensed Milk and cocoa powder and butter. He's using butter as anyone would use spray to keep food from sticking and is attempting to make little chocolate balls to put into the mini tin cups. But, it failed. Miserably. 


Look like donuts, but actually, it's a local treat made up of a honey dough and red bean paste filling. Almost like a custard donut, but really small. Only 60€ 


Sunday, August 27, 2017

food blog

Delicious mazesoba with huge karaage pieces

Just some teriyaki chicken 

Who puts curry over steak? And cabbage as s salad? 

Traditional treat: red-bean paste coating rice balls. It was ..interesting, but wouldn't recommend to a friend. 

weekly email

This week in Tsu we were hardly even in Tsu.

Lots of exchanges. ZOne Leader and District exchanges, interviews,
plus a night helping out the Eikaiwa in the other area. Elder Reis
didn't come back until Friday morning, and we left for the first one
on Monday night.

But we learned a lot! It was great. Elder Reis has been struggling
with his confidence in talking to strangers on the street, and working
with a Zone Leader helped him to realize how he can show his happiness
and use his personality to talk naturally to people.
Also, we are trying to reach out to younger people, specifically
Japanese high school students, but the problem everybody always
encounters is that between school, clubs, and cram school no high
school student ever has any time to meet! But, working to solve this
we've seen some success in inviting them to short church tours with a
promise of helping their English homework afterwards. I just wish that
our branch had a baptismal font. All the more reason to try our
hardest to qualify for our own building!

So during my interviews I mentioned to President that I've been
concerned about an unexpected rash that has recently developed on my
neck. He suggested that I call the Mission Doctor that night and have
it examined.
On the way down to Ise I made the call, and sent in photos, and then
waited as the Doc diagnosed the issue. Halfway through Eikaiwa the Doc
calls back (and of course I have to take the call, I'm dying to know.
Plus, it's the doctor!).

I'm diseased.

Aaaand we'll leave it there. Thanks for tuning in!


Elder Cardon

Sunday, August 20, 2017

weekly mission email

From down in Tsu: 

This week has got to be one of the best I've had in my Mission. 

So the Zone Leaders came up with a bunch of goals that change out every week in order for us to focus on the different parts of being a spiritual missionary. This week happened to be 'Boldness.' 

We made rough goals to talk to more people on the street, and set out that very night (Monday) to accomplish them. Just biking around working on our approaches, but by the end of the night we had found a pretty promising young college Japanese guy who showed interest in both a Gospel message and TOEIC English. Got a Set Next Event (SNE) and a phone number from him. The whole thing went so smoothly that I was second-guessing myself and scared that any of that was real. 

The next night we went out again, but it started raining. Nobody is really outside getting caught in the rain, so we tweaked the goal towards housing. Knocking on apartment doors, top floor we found two Philippinos who are in their 20s, came to Japan for work. We kinda wormed our way inside their apartment and ended up teaching them the whole Restoration lesson. Promised to come back with Tagalog BOMs on Thurs because they don't really understand any English. 

And so we had follow-up appointments with each of them on Wednesday and Thursday, respectively. 
It also helps that we have a companionship goal to teach in unity, which equals 50/50 teaching time. It's hard to sit back and have Elder Reis lead discussions at times because he is so straightforward and blunt about everything, but everything was saved in the end and all the lessons turned out really spiritual. Some of the best lessons I've had since the MTC, actually. 

It all boils down to Sunday, where we had our second SNE within the week for each of them. The Phillipinos promised to come to church, and we would teach the Japanese guy later that night. 

Well, at all these lessons we worked towards teaching in the light of baptism, being straight with our purpose and promising blessings for an act of faith. Again, alongside the members we had incredibly powerful lessons, and particularly the Phillipino man felt impressed that he needed to follow this. It was such a testimony builder to see this in hindsight and the miracles God provided for us. 
They haven't committed to a date yet, but I feel that each of them have great potential. 

This whole week was like the Lord had held up on the blessings of the entire transfer and suddenly decided to shower our heads with them. Many miracles besides this story, and we can see leaps of progress in the Tsu situation as it continues in its quest towards becoming a ward. So glad to be a part of all this, I'm loving the work down here. 
Thanks for reading. 


Elder Cardon 

Sunday, August 13, 2017

weekly mission email

We had a lot of random moments this week..


Typhoon Noru: Our house is leaking. Ants are crawling in!

We went posting: big mistake. Ouch, sunburnt. Turned into three midday
hours. At least we finished the neighborhood.

Accidentally housed a new Eikaiwa student and got two referrals out of it.

I subbed in for our Beginner's Class Eikaiwa. Mid-aged women
eikaiwaaa--Round 2, cause I've subbed for them before when the sisters
are out and about with appointments. Basically I just ask them about
their mom lives and they love it.

Zone Conference: wow.
AP training was incredible.
Things learned/impressed: The story of Nephi going to get the plates.
They went 3X. Was that because they didn't have faith? No, there were
valuable lessons to be learned. Faith is a principle of Action and
Power. The Lord's way is to be loyal to what you know to be true, take
a step into the dark (take action), and power will FOLLOW. When we
pray, we can pray for our performance to be consecrated, instead of
praying for the strength to do something.
Got back super late, didn't even finish transferring contacts from the
phone, but I got pickles out of it!

All day in Matsusaka. There were some funny moments.
We had Studies in a park. "Uh.. elder, the library is closed." After
spending like an hour between OYM's finding it.
Those infernal kids! They stole my Conbini seat!
--after a long, difficult bike ride with multiple lost points-- "it
says, 'may have moved'"
(..Elder, that's the wrong pin.)
That guy is staring at us.. man, I wanted to take a photo shoot.
We're borrowing nice, large Kid MOUNTAIN BIKES provided by a member.
Matching yellow and I got the nice helmet.
It's late; Let's go home. --proceed to Immediately get separated and lost--
“Ok, meet me at McDonald's! ...Elder, where are you? At McDonald's?
But I'm..“ {you see, we had each found a different McDonald's}
(ok, where are you?) "Well, I'm at an intersection.." (that doesn't
help, elder..) "..next to a yakiniku restaurant.." --facepalm--
Coming home late and tired.

Finally Meeting with Branch Pres Ootani!! Man, that was so good. We
learned all about the Branch and exactly what we need to do to give it
the little push it needs to become a ward. Tsu literally is teetering
on the fence line for ward-ship and only needs that last little
stretch. All of our work has just become so much clearer, so much more
in focus.

I have a talk ...and, translation services?! So I was first called to
give a sacrament talk the day before, but then the translator lady was
on holiday, so right before the meeting began I was asked to do the
English translations. So I ended up giving my talk, pausing after each
line to give the subsequent translation, and then finishing the rest
of the session as well. It totally butchered the joke story I had been
going for. Oh, well.


Elder Cardon