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Sunday, March 26, 2017

food blog

Not much this week. Sorry.

The classic Japanese "salad" which is really just shredded cabbage, plus the classic meal that literally every person who claims to be Japanese or have visited Japan should have eaten: Katsu curry rice.

I ate a whole head of lettuce in about a day. You think that's healthy? 

Smashing it with some banana panacakes! No chocolate chips out here, unfortunately. That carton is yogurt, BTW. 
I'm a master at using leftovers. Can of opened tomatoes that nobody
wants to use? Done.


weekly email

I'm emailing from Inuyama this week. Whoot.

My new companion is Elder McColm. If anyone remembers McColm from the
MTC (went to Fukuoka), the one who wore glasses and was way funny,
that was my companion's twin brother. Legends, both of them. They
don't look a bit alike, though. Actually, my companion is a
quadruplet, and his two twin sisters are out serving missions in
Croatia and Russia. What a cool family.

We're working hard this transfer and are going full throttle on
looking for The One for baptism. Elder McColm is all about giving
people a chance to hear the gospel from the start, and heads straight
into testimony as soon as he's introduced our names. We're starting
the work early and finishing late, often meeting many cool people and
seeing great blessings. I would actually write a bit about the people
we have met here, but there were too many and I can't remember them
all. Basically, Elder McColm and I are giving everyone a chance to
feel the Spirit and read about the gospel for themselves, and if they
don't accept at first then they just aren't the ones ready to harvest.
We may have helped them prepare to be harvested later, though, which
is good.

So, I'm trying to learn a bit of Portuguese, but I've also realized
that I'm no good at learning Portuguese. It's easier to SYL in
Japanese, by far. This is how it must feel for every missionary who
goes into the MTC not knowing a spot of the language. It's a humbling

PS For St Patrick's Day we wore green ties and I made a St patty's cake with those cauldron things you gave me. Not bad, I'd say. 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

food blog

300 g of Veggie Ramen

Finally used my cake mix. Snuck some Passionfruit Pulp into it

Member meal: pizza, yakisoba, Korokke, and Choco bread for dessert 

We went for delicacies with a breakfast burrito this week. Actually have hash browns, cheese, sausage, egg, and onion in this puppy 

Mac and a Cheese! From America! Some member hooked us up! 

weekly mission email

I got transferred!! What?! I've only been in Yokkaichi six weeks!

A bunch of way interesting things happened this last week, but I'm

feeling kinda lazy so here's a list and pictures, maybe.

PDay: district activity was bowling. We played b ball later that night

with a struggling YM

Tues: Orton and I went down to Tsu City to interview a lady for baptism

Wed: I had a ZL exchange within the apartment with Elder Arscott. Some

teachers from a Brazilian school came to Eikaiwa and asked us to

volunteer next week.

Thurs: my companion was stolen by the AP's for a day, so I was forced

into a trio. We had wicked fun and probably ate way too much.

Fri: I went on an emergency exchange with an Elder Collett from Suzuka

because Arscott couldn't make it up in time from the DTM in Ise to do

it proper. Too many exchanges, man. We went to a member's house way

out in the boonies and it basically took all day.

Sat: transfers! I'm leaving. So is Elder Garry, after a couple

transfers. The ZLs are actually becoming companions, and a whitewash

will come into Yokkaichi. I'm going to Inuyama with Elder McColm, and

Garry will actually be my new ZL. Whoa.

Sun: Ward Conference + baptism = all day at church.

Mon (this morning) we played orange baseball. Ohh yeah.

I never professed to be good at baseball...


Elder Cardon

Sunday, March 12, 2017

food blog

Indo-curry. You dip the nan in the curry. All kinds of nan: cheese,
honey, garlic, pumpkin, veggie, etc. plus the drink is called Mango
Lassi. Kinda like a smoothie. Good stuff

Breakfast slammers 

A fancy parfait thing 

My waffle cone 

Margherita pizza (for some reason really popular in terms of pizza out here) 

weekly mission email

A guy came to the TOEIC class who was Black-Asian. Lived his whole life in Japan, so he speaks perfect Japanese but with a black man low voice. Way too cool! He literally biked an hour and a half from Tsu to come. About 20. 

Service--we planted trees at a local park! Plus we were interviewed by a reporter, and our pictures should come out in the local ad-paper. Yay for publicity. 

I came back from a koukan to a surprise. Elder Iwaasa broke my bike: the front reflector is clean off along with my right shifter glass, plus I now have a bent and scraped right brake and funky handlebars. Man, this guy. What was he doing? 

Sunday, we booked it to the Yokkaichi college where the TOEIC test was being held for this month. Arrived just as the exit wave went out; managed to pass out about eight or so flyers a piece. Pretty good. Right after, Orton and I hit up the nearby student housing and caught a bunch of sport players just chillin with their doors open on the nice, sunny Sunday afternoon. We must have talked to another 20 kids there. Plus a random landlady who has strange intense interest in sending her grandson over to try the program out. So we know for next time to arrive early and put flyers on every car in the overflowing parking lot there. The TOEIC flyers don't have our phone # so..

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Weekly Mission Email

Some highlights:

“If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it
will live its whole life believing it is stupid.” --Albert

Elder Orton got acupuncture!

We hit up a gym that night and found the coolest dude. He's from the
Kongo, and the first things he said to us, right when we walked in,
was, "Mormons!" He was like 'I see Mormons all the time in Africa,
wearing white shirts and always smiling. I was baptized Catholic, so I
believe some things different from you, but Christ is Everything.' and
we're like, 'Yeah, he is! Can you show us how to get some weight
warm-ups in?' Haha this gym is golden, we're gonna milk it for
I feel really sore now. Max out.

Emergency drill to the elementary school. On the way back Elder Garry
was bicycling with the 70 lb or so huge yellow bag tucked under one
arm, driving with one hand, and then this guy just pulls up in his car
in a small driveway as if to hurry into the road. Well, that was
stupid of him. Should've looked first; Garry crashed right into that

we found an opinion leader! Have to wait until he finishes taxes to
pick up some 30/30 lessons, but he pointed us to a nearby daily
meeting where a good number of people gather and just talk about
morals and what good they did recently. Yeah, hitting up Christ-like
attributes! The only problem is it's at 5:00 ...AM.

temples. The Calgary Canada temple is soooo cool.


Elder Cardon

food blog

We got enchiladas at the Zone Conference last Thurs.

Found a burger joint that is as American as it gets out here. Pretty skinny around the waist, but is sure tall. This one's got bacon, egg, pineapple, and the works with sweet chili sauce. Not bad. 

We made Honey Dijon! Then put it on some meat slabs. Mmm

Decent Japanese curry, decent price. 

Some member, Oscar, fed us pizza at his apartment.