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Japan Nagoya Mission
1-304 Itakadai, Meito-ku
Nagoya, Japan T465-0028

Sunday, January 14, 2018

weekly email

I’m in the promised land! 

Lots and lots to do up here in Ichinomiya. The apartment needs a spot of cleaning, and there’s some mundane organizational stuff left between our phones, but the icing takes the cake in Finding and Member work. Ooh, so many miracles yet to see! I’m giddy with excitement. 

Last week, we reached out to about 200 people. Not bad, but I’m expecting more like 700. 

There’s a bawler Member up here who goes knocking on doors with missionaries for an hour every week. He’s also a recently returned LA. 

Eikaiwa is a small mess, but it has a ton of potential. 

We work with about 10 ward missionaries here. That’s insane! 

Last week, it froze over in cold. I think we approached Record levels for this area. Like, it snowed two days in a row! Whoa... :0 
Hahaha my companion helps me to always check if I have double socks before leaving for the day. He’s the best. 

One night, on the return trip home we followed up with a man of potential (MOP) (hahaha that acronym isn’t real) (I wish’) and he puts on his coat to step outside, and hounds us with questions about churches and beliefs. It was kinda rocky, but we taught a couple things and he expressed interest in going on a rant again, so we offered to trade LINE and come back another day. It worked. Good man. 

Small miracles everywhere. A different appointment was canceled last second, but we had a member with us to help teach, so instead we visited two people that I didn’t know existed! (They weren’t in the missionary records). The second one opens up to a Peruvian Member, and I knew it. Time to shine. I pulled out every bit of Portuguese and Spanish that I knew was somewhat comprehensive, and this guy was impressed! Like, I bore a short testimony and asked how his BOM reading was. Then, he replied asking what culture I was, and I had no clue but I guessed “American,” and that was the correct answer. The man came to church on Sunday. 

I’m approaching the verge of lonnng Email, but last one I promise. Sunday night, we had big plans to book out to a huge apartment complex and talk with everyone there. But, our bike lights both went out. Then, after a bit of charging and on our way, Elder Magalhaes crashes hardcore over some black ice on a corner! Now limited in range, we knocked on the nearest apartments and got fortunate, but not quite favorable, replies. This continues, and then next to one apartment is a garage-looking type small apartment. Kinda sketch, and I didn’t even notice it, but the last door opened up and a nice young Japanese man who responded favorably to us. Finally. Actually, we taught half a lesson and got a return appointment on the spot. It was miraculous! 

Hahaha and then Elder Magalhaes crashes again, hardcore, on some black ice on the way home. Poor fellow ripped his new Dendo pants.


Elder Cardon 

Sunday, January 7, 2018

food blog

Sushi rice and udon salad 

Japanese (western style) eatery 
Some weird Philippine dish made out of boiled pumpkin 🎃 
Some weird Philippine dish made out of fried eggplant and omelette 

Elder Cardon 

weekly mission email

This week in Tsu 

Is my last week is Tsu. I’ve been transferred up North, up into the heart of Japan. I’m going to Ichinomiya! (Technically, Gifu is called the heart of Japan, but I’m in the same district so that counts, I think.) 

My new companion is Elder Malghaes, probably. I can’t make heads or tails of his name, but it’s ok, he’s Brazilian. 

I’ve been serving in the same stake for basically my entire mission. This will be number 4 area serving in, but including exchanges I’ll have been in 7/9. I keep meeting the same people over and over again, it’s great! 

Shoutout to MTC comp, Elder Wesemann, my new District Leader and training! I’m so excited for the upcoming exchanges. 

Tsu will become a 4 Elder/2Sister Area. Funny how I closed the foursome, and now it opens again as soon as I leave. Hmm.. 

Elder Miole is also receiving a Brazilian companion. What does this mean?


Elder Cardon

Monday, January 1, 2018

food blog

Japanese traditional New Year's foods (I guess) 
Anyone know what Devil's Tongue is? 
Top right is chestnut. That was good. 
The Center middle tastes gross, but I guess people eat it so that they can enter an Abrahamic covenant type thing and have very good posterity for the year. 

That special soba I was talking about 
Philippine food. The pig blood thing isn’t on here, but it looked like chocolate gravy
More Japanese traditions. Like a red bean paste encasing rice on the left, and a pastry thing I can’t describe covering rice on the right 

Elder Cardon 

Sunday, December 31, 2017

weekly letter

Happy New Year's! 

Our Christmas Week in Tsu 

We splurged and spent money on Japanese pizza for Christmas. Worth it. P

I thought to Skype home early Tuesday morning, but alas I arrived at the church building at 7:00 am and discovered that there was an automatic garage door locking system which didn’t suspend until 8:00. We still had a fun time standing outside talking over half-decent Wifi. 

There is a new calling in the mission with a special assignment. The Roaming Assistants to the President go around and conduct two day exchanges with companionships to elevate faith and see miracles. Even in the holiday season, the effects are astounding. We were blessed with an exchange this last week, and the area has exploded with new people to teach, 伝道FIRE, and ways to improve beyond our dreams. Honestly, it was probably the best exchange I’ve ever had. 

The Branch President also come out on Sunday and announced a new mission plan for next year. It’s the best thing I’ve seen, we're so excited for it. Every single member will become tremendously involved in the missionary effort. 

There was also a belated Christmas party held at the church. Some guy brought a Pig's Blood Stew thing. I don’t know whatever inspired that terrible idea. 

Also, I guess there's a special soba for New Year's in Japan, and we were treated by a member. I didn’t notice much of a difference, but they were exclaiming about how wonderful the thing was and so we just rolled with it. 


Elder Cardon 

Sorry I talked a lot about food this week. 

Sunday, December 17, 2017

weekly mission email

Tsu is on fireball.

Elder Miole and I have decided to Revise our morning schedule. Mostly, we are working towards an effective exercise time. So, the personal study goes first, then planning, then exercise and prep. Whereas before, I would wake up and force my muscles into rigorous action, and the struggle was real. Now, after my mind has had time to uncloud for a bit we go out for a stroll. 
There is nothing better than running on a beachside.  the white shells and morning ocean breeze will be missed. 

We had a thing in our Zone for a bit where everyone was asked their favorite color. But, it had to be specific. Like, what shade exactly. I’ve gone with a good Pine green. 

Two referrals came in last week. One literally walked himself into the church door asking to see a priest. I love those type of people. 


Elder Cardon