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Sunday, July 16, 2017

weekly email

This week was full of right people at the right time. 

We got to Eikaiwa class on Wednesday totally drained. We'd been out in some heavy rain, things weren't going so well, and we were just feeling tired. Elder Patey takes me aside before we start the class and tells me, "You know that we're gonna see a miracle tonight. That just how God works. He takes your worst time and hands you something great." 
Well, some 20 min late walks in two new students: a Korean man and his Japanese tech teacher. And the Korean man asked us to teach him about the church afterwards. What. 

The ward had another big BBQ, to which we've been inviting everyone for weeks, and a lot of fun people showed up. That includes several new faces, to whom we got talking, and they showed tons of interest! Lots of homestay stories in California with Mormon families. 

Before going out one night, we had a long sincere prayer asking for guidance and the Spirit. We're inspired to go to Kani, up by a RC's house, and take the train up a little later in the night. One thing leads to another, and we got lost finding apartments. It's late, but we press on and push a couple more doors, and the last one opens up and listens to our entire schpeal called The Restoration. This guy had been invited to church before back in Brazil, and ended up attending the LDS congregation for about 5 months before moving to Japan. He hasn't liked any other church since. Has a small family and wants to knows what's right for raising his cute little girl.

Also, our Ward Mission Leader's wife was fantastic and brought a friend ready for baptism to church on Sunday. 


Elder Cardon 

Monday, July 10, 2017

weekly mission email

Recently in Inuyama: 

So we got a referral from HQ a couple weeks ago, and were finally able to make contact with the referral just this last week. They actually live in this dirty, cobweb-filled cement block of a insane-asylum type apartment building, top floor.  The referrals turned out to be members, not investigators. They had moved recently from the Philippines and are recent converts into the church, but didn't know about our church building in Inuyama. So we committed them to a pick-up and off to church with us the next morning! It was great. 

As part of Public Affairs, we are volunteers to help fix translations for the quarterly City newsletter. A meeting was held this last week for that. I got a little lost during the talks, but the mingling afterwards went super well. One old guy, who is on the English translation squad, came up to me afterwards and requested that we come visit him sometime. His daughter had a homestay in Kansas with a Mormon family some years ago, and now they love us! Hahaha this is gonna be great. 

I'm plowing through right now working with my companion in some Brazilian family visits. My ears are fine-tuning and I can feel some clockwork adjusting going on, allowing me to understand at least the general flow of the conversations. Gift of tongues is real. This last visit was a first-timer, and I actually pulled off the impression that I totally understood Portuguese, but just had a hard time speaking it. Haha!! Elder Patey caught me up later and said that whenever the lady addressed me, she didn't hold anything back. Patey saved me from a couple pickles back there.. 

Cool miracle: on a late trip home we bumped into a teenage Philippine boy who has better English than Elder Patey. This boy moved to Japan about two weeks ago, is still working on friends and doesn't speak any Japanese. Bam! New bestie! Traded numbers and we'll be following up with him this week. 


Elder Cardon 

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

food blog

Fried Cartilage, Broiled Sardine, Hawaiian Ham w/Avacado and Onion,
..., Conger Eel, and Diamond Squid Sushi

The equivalent of a hamburger in Japan. That's a raw egg on top of pineapple on top of processed cheese on top of saucey Hamburg, lettuce, rice. 

Mazesoba. Ramen that you mix yourself. 

Brazilian fried shell meat pastry.

weekly email

Elder Patey became an uncle this last week and he can't stop talking about it.
Also, his bike finally came after three weeks of waiting, but then it
got a flat after the first ride and we were stuck again until PDay.

One late night, we swung into a Brazilian restaurant with the intent
to get homie with the owners, and ended up talking to three families
and teaching one the entire Restoration lesson. We have follow up
appointments and phone numbers, connections, plus a new great place to
chill and meet all the foreigners who we've been missing for the last
couple transfers. It was great.

Another late night, we were headed home, already slightly past curfew,
and bumped into three foreigner ladies who asked us to help them
adjust their train tickets. Walking the same way, the conversation got
flowing and Elder Patey focused his conversation on the Chinese
graduate student while I got the two Thai undergrads. Well, the
Chinese graduate student turned out to be  golden (my ladies, not so
much). The former was all down for coming to church, learning about
Christ, participating in Eikaiwa, etc. She actually studied
Christianity or something before. She'll only be here for the next two
months, so we'll see what we can't do in that time.

We were having a lesson with a part Member family, teaching the
husband and getting to know him, when suddenly the wife mentions that
her job is to make scissors and then pulls out her extensive
(intriguing) collection. I didn't even know that most of those
scissors existed.

At church on Sunday, a Brazilian man walked through the door and
screamed miracles. He's new to Japan, an uber strong member, and wants
to help. We totally see him being one of the new Brazilian leaders
that this area needs. We need him to help reactivate a bunch of people


Elder Cardon

Sunday, June 25, 2017

weekly email

We had more activities than I have fingers this week, but here are
four short highlights:

Pizza Party Eikaiwa.
The sisters set up another Eikaiwa party, and it turned out really
well. They tried to set up a life sized Life, with English questions
on the squares, but the road turned too long and teams got too crowded
around the bends. We had to end the game early, but there was food so
that OK.
At least it would have been, if the kids weren't placed in charge of
making the pizzas. I'm sorry to say, but I'm not down to eat a pizza
that has both pineapple and potatoes on it, plus everything in between
and ketchup for sauce. It was just too much to ask.
We actually met a prior baptismal candidate at the party who had gone
off to college before his date, but may be down to take it up again.
That was sweet.

Elders Gubbay and Nelson came down that night from Matsumoto, as they
had the Mission Leadership Conference to attend and a special 70
Conference from Elder Yamashita the next morning to be at. Inuyama is
actually Elder Gubbay's bean area, so he used the chance to visit the
Recent Convert Maria Virginia. We had set up After Baptism lessons
with her earlier that day, actually. Elder Gubbay was a great help for
her motivation.
Since we had the opportunity to talk, we picked up a lot of old
contacts and information about the area from Elder Gubbay. He's a good
guy and a great missionary who loves those he serves.

LA Guitar
At another activity, a Less Active came who needed some love, and he
was able to find a bit by teaching me the guitar. Two birds with one
stone, I definitely want to pick this back up again. Just a sweet guy.


Carlos and Leticia
We were finally able to follow up with this Part Member family this
week. I absolutely love these guys. Carlos is a non-member, and
Leticia has already told him that she wants to be sealed with him in
the temple. They're working on the gospel together, along with their
seven kittens. It's great.
During the lesson, they told us that they'd be moving in the next week
or so due to work. That was a stab in the heart to hear, mostly
because I didn't understand when they first said it and wasn't caught
up until after we left. I hope that they'll find the lucky elders in
the next area. It's hard to find people as easy to love as Carlos and


Elder Cardon

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

Things are going great out here. So much crazy stuff is going on right
now. It's going nuts.
Nozawa got confirmed and is now in line to receive the priesthood, a
calling, and go to the temple.
Transfers happened. Elder Ribeiro has moved out and Elder Patey came
in. There's so much about Elder Patey that is just gonna hit this area
hard and change it for the better.

The first thing he did was walk into the apartment, look around, and
say something like, "No, no, no, oh, this just won't do. We're gonna
have to clean this thing if we're gonna feel the Spirit at all this
transfer." He wasn't talking just sweeping, either, he was talking
about a Deep Clean. We're purging the place and spent a good couple
days scrubbing the floors until they gleamed. There are rooms where I
hardly dare walk around in my socks in because they are so clean.

On top of that, Elder Patey knows what a ward should have in terms of
communication between the bishopric, Ward Mission leader, and
missionaries and has determined that Inuyama has nothing on it. He's
going for a purge on this system, as well, and we've already talked
and explained to the ward the kinds of problems we see and suggested
ways to fix it.

Elder Patey is very skilled at figuring people out (i.e. Sherlock-like
observation). He observes body language and those around him as he
talks. He talks pointedly and is good at directing/controlling the
conversation towards the information he needs. Very complimentary and
quick to make easy jokes. Just a sweet guy who's easy to get along
with. This transfer is going to fly by.

BTW That's awesome to hear that Jacob and them survived the Trek. I
wonder how it was. I was actually thinking that I might write Jacob a
small spiritual letter, like what you and mom wrote each of them for
the Trek. Encouragement and love and such.

I'll write more later, and you'll see my group emails come in as well,
but for now we're off to buy groceries. Love you, Dad, and I
appreciate all you do for the family. It's really just a sweet place
because of you. There's so much we hardly even think about that we're
grateful for. Have a grand Father's Day.


Elder Cardon

weekly mission email

Elder Ribeiro is gone! Transferred! He's off to Meito, the mission HQ.
He's been called to be the next Zone Leader there. Kinda odd, we
thought, as there aren't very many Brazilians in Meito, but think
about it this way: He's been District Leader for a couple transfers
now and needs a step up of experience; The mission desperately needs
translations to Portuguese; we heard about one new HQ investigator
who's Brazilian. President Ishii is just killing two birds with one

Elder Patey! This guy is killer.
How can I describe him? Elder Collett meets Wallace (from Wallace and
Gromit). Just the best guy.
Elder Patey loves his cleanliness, friendliness, and long futon talks.
I might shut him down on that last one, but we're making great headway
and I can tell that this transfer is gonna fly by. There's so much
vision that this guy wants to implement.

The first thing he does is scrutinize our apartment. I've been here a
couple transfers now and never minded anything, but I guess I never
saw how much improvement the apartment could have. Like, I remember
vaguely being told that the floors were kinda dirty, but I never
imagined just how much mold you could scrape off. It's like I've been
living in a pig cell.
Cleaning! So much cleaning! But even after the first day we were
seeing vast differences and feeling good about it. The study room has
turned so glamorously holy that we hardly dare walk the floors with
our socks on.

We had a huge Nozawa scare earlier this week. What with transfers,
hard scrubbing, and a mess going above our heads I think we
overreacted and panicked for nothing. Basically what happened was we
wanted to keep in contact daily with Nozawa, and so texted, called,
and such throughout the week, right? Come Friday and the texts
wouldn't go through anymore. The calls wouldn't connect. Some weird
Japanese lady said something like "The caller's..." and crazy language
neither of us understood. We thought that we'd been blocked, that
Nozawa had fallen and would go LA. Worst case scenario stuff.
Turns out that he was just behind on his phone bills.

Inuyama is changing for the better, and there're a lot of effective
things that Elder Patey wants to implement here. Things like the way
we report, communication through the leaders, filling out roles and
responsibilities and such. I'm looking forward to it.


Elder Cardon