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Japan Nagoya Mission
1-304 Itakadai, Meito-ku
Nagoya, Japan T465-0028

Sunday, July 15, 2018

weekly email

I’ve turned into a melting pot. There was a time in my mission a certain elder had it really hard and I wondered, “what’s his problem?” But now the tables have turned and I’m in his position. 

I thought before that my companion was a melting pot because nobody can pin where he’s from or what he is.  Haha 

A comforting talk I read described this experience as Mind Over Matter, or else Spirit Over Body. It’s President Nelson speaking in Oct.1985.  “Part of each test is to determine if your body can become mastered by the spirit that dwells within it.” 

Our Zone Conference with the new President was one of the most spiritual conferences of my mission. There were Many things I definitely needed to hear, and sometimes I learned from the very things I was saying—so that’s a good indicator that the Spirit was there!  

I continue to have a lot of cool experiences like meeting a full-Japanese lady who-s Muslim and her wonderful family who never before thought to do things like Family History. 
Also, a professional painter who knows more details about the small moments of the bombing of Pearl Harbor than I would wager most of the sailors even knew; he liked the story of the Hawaiian Temple and called back saying that he was deeply impressed by it and wanted to capture the moment in paint. Excited to see how that goes.


Elder Cardon 

Our legendary Costco spree

Sunday, July 8, 2018

weekly mission email

It’s unbelievable how blessed Ichinomiya is. I’m Getting to see the long term blessings. 

Man with bunny  
A nice man opened his door and talked about his life involving churches while holding a big fluffy bunny. He had taken bible study sessions before, following a serious accident that caused him to reflect more about God. He expressed that all churches are basically the same, but we had so much more to tell him than he realized. 

Noah Ark part 2 
Basically a typhoon passed by without the serious winds. It rained dogs. We were extremely blessed by God to go out with good timing—worked in the morning, and returned home right when a thundercloud passed in the afternoon; went back out late afternoon, and it cleared up a little until nighttime when we were heading back, but at that point it didn’t matter too much.
There was one point, the streets were flooding and they looked more like flowing rivers than roads, and as we were biking we missed the potholes and such that we normally avoid, so sometimes I would see my companion unexpectedly dip for a second, his bike become half immersed because the water-level was up to our thighs and our plastic rain suits could do no good in keeping us dry from that

Way back when, I remember finding a golden investigator who I felt would be baptized. However, we had to stop teaching her because we could never seem to get a solid appointment and subsequently never could follow up with her. We referred her to the Sisters, but they had no better luck than us. 
Last night, we dropped by on a whim and she was home again. Actually, we caught really good timing as both her daughter and brother were also home, so we could step inside to talk with them a bit. Turns out, she had had some questions about Mormons that held her back from investigating further because she wasn’t sure what type of people we really were. But life changes with time and I feel that she’s ready to learn more again. 

Real brownies and the extra interview 
So we had a small conference to get to know the new Mission President Judd. He honestly reminds me a lot of a companion I had about a year ago. Likes to tell stories, a bit dramatic but always pulls something you can learn from it, and always bears his testimony in his experiences. His wife is very sweet and as motherly as they come. 
In the private interview afterwards they only asked me two things, so it was very brief. What have been my areas and how can they help me more?


Elder Cardon 

Sunday, July 1, 2018

weekly email

Life lesson: Confidence is an indicator of faith. 

Elder Moraes is actually called Elder Inagaki. His backstory is way confusing and I’ll spare you the details. Basically, he was born in Canada, raised part-time there, his mother is Japanese and his grandparents Jewish—but his dad grew up in England. His Secondary education was all in Brasil, in a Toyko-type big city named São Paulo. There are levels of streets (like a tunnel road underneath the upper road) there, it’s intense something you would see in doctor who. 

Man, I’m flipped completely upside down with the way Elder Inagaki works compared to my last companion. It’s been a hard adjustment. We need totally different goals, but we always need goals. We’re gonna work hard in a different way. The focus this transfer will be on confidence, not language. 

My mission president just changed, but I have no idea who the new guy is or what he’s like. I’m Excited and nervous about the things and changes that might happen this transfer. My final interview will be with a guy who probably understands my situation in America better and can give more applicable advice, but it will be from a stranger. Ah, well, it was God's timing. I’ll see him for the first time this Thursday. 

Every transfer is an adventure.


Elder Cardon 

I only have one photo 

new mission president

On July 1, 2018 the Japan Nagoya mission gets a new mission president.  (It will also be Paul's last transfer before coming home.)  Meet President Judd:

Ronald Mark Judd, 54, and Teresa Davis Judd, five children, Northridge Ward, Sandy Utah Crescent Stake: Japan Nagoya Mission, succeeding President Tetsuji Ishii and Sister Fumie Ishii. Brother Judd is a former stake president, mission presidency counselor, bishop, stake and ward Young Men president, and missionary in the Japan Tokyo North Mission. Born in Salt Lake City to James Sevy Judd and Ada JoAnn Alexander Judd.
Sister Judd is a former ward Relief Society president, stake and ward Primary presidency counselor, ward Young Women presidency counselor, and seminary teacher. Born in Granger, Utah, to Robert John Davis and Marilyn Hiatt Davis.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

weekly email: Alda and Airy

Elder Canuto is transferring. My wish to stay in Ichinomiya until the end of my mission came true. The member missionary work here is incredible and I should’ve planted those carrots sooner. I Definitely feel the responsibility and trust that was given me to be put in such a model area. 

Elder Canuto and I saw miracles here. The biggest ones went all the way to baptism. After our first month, my friend Elder Reis (who was serving in 犬山 next door) sent us an address to check out. One night when our investigator didn’t answer the door (and we ended up dropping them), we only had 1 hr left, it takes 30 to get home and 20 to visit the address but we went for it. 

Hahaha the lady recognized us as the Mormons, we went inside and had a great lesson that went way overtime. They came to church that Sunday. The next week, we referred them to the Sisters. Over the next two weeks, they came to church consecutively but for some reason the lessons weren’t moving forward. 

Then, we held a FHE with a member family and taught the POS. Also ate too much spaghetti for my delicate stomach. It was almost awkward how long the invitation to baptism was prolonged, they accepted it in a heartbeat. The mother and daughter cried with joy at the prospect of the Celestial Kingdom. 

Then the WML went all out as he set up for a baptism in two weeks. There was daily contact, and like  three lessons a week. Some sicknesses and unexpected events made it look sketchy, but it was ok because Alda and Airy sucked in the lessons like fish breathe water. Alda quit smoking. Airy threw out her huge immodest wardrobe. They read the BOM and shared passages that moved them, confirming the truth. 

The baptismal Service on June 24th was so sweet. I don’t know how but I baptized Alda and Elder Canuto Airy. A surprise gift to Alda came, a video of several cousins she hadn’t seen or had contact with for 30 years congratulating her. Alda broke down, her husband (who came special to see the baptism) broke down, everybody tearing up and the the Spirit we had all been feeling went overflow. 

The details are incredible and truly witness that God has his hand in the minutos, loves each of his children and provides a way for them. 

Sorry that my emails recently haven’t been all that, we’ve just had so much going on it’s hard to write down.


Elder Cardon 

Monday, June 18, 2018

weekly email

I had an interview with President Ishii for a short-term temple recommend, and afterward he asked me what I’ve learned on my mission over two years. 

In a nutshell, Genki + Obedience = miracles. 

The most effective way to spread the gospel is to live it! We say the gospel is the way to happiness, but we must show and be every ounce of that happiness! It’s not just 

When we are obedient we bind the Lord to our side, and then he will direct our paths and provide. 


Elder Cardon 

Sunday, June 10, 2018

weekly mission email

Elder Canuto is taking charge of our Dendou this week and it’s really insightful to see how much he has progressed, how much he was relying on me, and what’s still missing in his training before he can train on his own. Most of the problems are restricted to Japanese, though, so that’s good because we use Japanese for everything. But a solid week, and we saw a miracle when several less actives we’ve been working with for forever actually come to church on Sunday. 

General Conference April 2002 Elder Scott “Full Conversion Brings Happiness” recommend, it was interesting to reflect and see what kind of conversion I've gone through on my mission. How much I struggled to always remember baptism and Christ, and to put enough faith in every moment as I call out to a stranger on the street. But, there’s still a lot more left if my conversion is ever going to be “continuous.” I feel that that's one of the biggest struggles I’ve fought against. Elder Scott succinctly summarized what my mission has been like.


Elder Cardon