Mission Address

Japan Nagoya Mission
1-304 Itakadai, Meito-ku
Nagoya, Japan T465-0028

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

a bit about the mission

The mission is headquartered in Nagoya, the third largest city in Japan, with a population of over two million people.  The area around Nagoya is largely commercial and industrial, and includes Toyota City, headquarters of Toyota Auto Company.  The industrial environment has attracted people from many countries, especially Brazil.  The famous Mount Fuji, Japan's highest peak, lies in the mission along with the Japan Alps.  The 1998 Winter Olympics site of Nagano is also included.

Japan is a cash society.

All young elders and sisters use bicycles as their primary mode of transportation.  Public transportation is used only when the destination is over one hour away by bicycle.

Missionaries sleep on futons not beds, so you will buy sheets here that fit the futons.

The Japanese brands of toothpaste and deodorant do not seem to please the missionaries.  If possible with your weight limits, bring enough of these to last your entire mission.

The Japanese postal system is very good.  Please send letters and boxes through your local post office to the Mission Office address.  Without additional cost we can forward these items on to you.
We forward your mail either the same day it was received or the following day.  Note:  The Japanese Post Office will not allow us to forward any items received through UPS, Fed Ex or DHL.

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