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Sunday, February 5, 2017

food blog

Well we bought cheese so why not an instant pizza? 

Oooooh boy. Oh boy I did it. Oh, man. I made the most Mexican thing I've ever eaten since before the MTC. Dad, you know that Doria recipe on iCloud? Well, I used that as a base and tweaked as I went. Oooh, man. I felt I was eating at Cafe Rio with my Mexican rice, beef, and peppers topped with cheese and egg. I snuck a secret cream sauce in the middle to help thing a bit. Oooh. And then I had a leftover sprite can, so I made a Fanta orange soda (combining with some sweetened orange juice) to go on the side. Oh jeez. That hit the spot. That was it; I'm good for cooking now. I can just stop there and be happy. Ooooh. And the egg was so perfectly cooked, too! It got to that perfect in-between stage where it's definitely not runny, and definitely not cooked--it just has enough goo to slowly ooze over the side if you let it. I'll have to explain what adjustments I made because y'all gotta try this! 

I used a the equivalent of 1/4 large green pepper and 1/4 large red. 

Substitute chicken for mincemeat; not very much--about enough for one hamburger patty. When thrown in the pan all the ingredients were about equal proportion. 

Substitute spaghetti sauce for ketchup. Either works, I think. Just enough to coat the rice, but not heavily. 

Add Death Sauce (something similar to Tabasco sauce or Sriracha) to pump the spice into the rice mixture. 
Also add black pepper and chili pepper. Season to taste, depending how spicy you want it. 

First, take the meat mix and lay it in bottom of rice cooker. Then, cover with the rice mixture and spread evenly, perhaps even patting down a bit to give a solid base. 

Then comes the secret sauce. We had no milk, so I used water instead and increased the other ingredients: double the butter and like triple the flour. 
Smooth that out over the rice mix. 

Last, take a couple eggs and crack 'em over the secret sauce. To ensure they don't run off to the sides, I dug little ruts into the rice for them to stay in. It's good for the whites to spread all around. 

Cover that with good (I used Gouda) cheese. Probably not pure cheddar. Thinking more a white or Mexican cheese. Sprinkle cheese with garlic, parsley, black pepper (and others if preferred). Put in rice cooker and cook on regular rice setting. 

Here we have a brownie-like pancake I made on the spot.

If you can tell, it really wasn't all that great.  Honestly.  (Talking about the fish.)

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