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Sunday, February 5, 2017

weekly email

I've been transferred!

YOKKAICHI,!!! 四日市‼️with an Elder ORTON,!!! Companion with the new Zone
Leader! Wow! I'm SO excited for this! Yesssssssssssssss!!

In other news:

We were exchanging sheets at a local clinic on Thursday morning, and
in one of the rooms there was a marvelous view through huge glass
windows of a house caught fire on the mountainside. It was a truly
spectacular sight.

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Man I stink at Poems
I done messed up

I tried to introduce the classic Valentine's poem to my Eikaiwa
students, but they just couldn't get it, and I couldn't think of any
good examples on the spot! It turned out alright in the end, though,
because I brought American candy to share and they all liked that.
We had two new students show up this week who we are all very excited
for! A father and son who hail from Taiwan decided to join our class.
How cool is that? I can't even pronounce their names.

I recently uncovered an inexplicable love for sweet potato.

DTM was amazing this week because we got blasted with a surprise
announcement: not only is Elder Baldwin (DL, former AP) going home
next week but his companion, Elder Passey (who has only been out for a
little over a year) will also be returning to America next week! So
the companionship that whitewashed into Nagano together will be
whitewashing out together. Wow. Man, what spiritual giants they are.
We'll sorely miss them both.

Hey, word of the day: sanguine. Example given: I wish to ever be
sanguine in the work of the Lord. Hahha I found this word when looking
into the teachings of Brigham Young. People back in the day were so

Below: the Eikaiwa Valentine!

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