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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Weekly email from the MTC

The weeks are not quite as full of funny stories as at first, but
there are still some interesting things that happen like in most
people's lives.

I did something I shouldn't have done this week; I turned my suit in
for dry cleaning. That wouldn't normally be a bad thing, except for
the fact that it was the only suit I had. I only needed it before
Sunday, and I turned it in Wednesday, so I thought that given five
days absolutely it would be done by then. However, the dry cleaners
just happened to be overloaded that week (lucky me) and I couldn't get
the suit before Tuesday. My branch president doesn't appreciate people
breaking rules (he's an exact obedience type of guy) and wearing a
suit on Sunday to Sacrament meeting and all devotionals is mandatory.
I couldn't help thinking like Becca: uh.... No Bueno.
So huge shoutout to mom, who saved me! Thank you for sending a suit! I
don't know exactly how, but I told you of my predicament on that same
Wednesday and I had a big package come in on Thursday. What great
service! Thank you thank you thank you!

Remember that big uproar last time concerning our district when we
were told we'd be staying for nine weeks instead of three? Well, we
finally found out the reason for staying nine weeks; we're guinea
pigs. Turns out, the MTC has been wanting to implement an
"intermediate" Japanese class, and we just happened to have enough
people in our district to try it out. We're to try our best to advance
our language and teaching skills in every way imaginable; we are going
to teach more lessons to investigators (for example, teaching up to
lesson five vs four), take a more active role in presenting to each
other in class, be introduced to advanced grammar principles and
such... You get the idea. Our district as a whole isn't very good
about this whole self-study thing, but honestly I'm kinda glad I have
a bit of extra time to get some things out of the way because I can
tell what a difference it is making for me. My language skills are on
an exponential increase right now.

Since we got here, our district has had nothing but losses. I mean, we
had that silly thing about three or nine weeks, terrible room
inspections, some weird teaching things, and everyone has gotten
diarrhea or sick or both. The list continues. However, for the first
time since coming here we finally got the best of something and
received our first win: our room inspection! Last time, we got
unacceptable or inexcusable or something like that. For context, the
very next one down the list on bad is graffiti, and that's the worst
there is. But not today! We got 100% clean happy inspection for our
room today! Hahahahahahhaha

I'm memorizing scripture mastery, after the tradition of my fathers
before me. Haahaha no really though. My dad was super into memorizing
and reciting all the scripture masteries to the family before I left,
and I've picked up on it. Of course, my memorization is much more
interesting because it's all in Japanese. Ugh there are some in 2
Nephi that literally take a whole column! Like half a page but it's
all in itty bitty text! But I have nine weeks now, that's plenty of
time to get it down.

We had a class recently where the intermediate Japanese speakers
paired with native Japanese speakers and taught a lesson. Mom, thanks
for giving me grandpa's conversion story. Grandpa, thank you for being
converted. I got to be Jay Huber for 30 min! Honestly, I had no idea
what to do when they told me I needed to become some convert that I
knew. Nobody was popping into my head from the ward whose story I knew
well. But there was that nice crisp printed piece of paper that had my
own grandparents' conversion story on it back in the dorm tucked into
my little suitcase that I remembered last second; thank goodness for
family history! So I pulled off my lesson with Kawajo Choro (Elder
Kawajo) nicely. His convert story was about a guy named Paul, funny
enough, who played basketball and wondered why his teammate didn't
practice on Sunday. Paul was a made up person, sadly.

Have I ever mentioned how cold it is in the mornings? The silly people
at the MTC have the A/C going overnight! Brrrrr freezing cold. We're
actually scheduled to switch dorm buildings next week, for some odd
unknown reason. Renovations? We're going from building 15M to 6M, I
believe; so I get to pack and unpack twice instead of once! Kinda a
pain, really. Hopefully the next building will have better maintained

Hahahaa I still have dreams about IB occasionally, even here. I think
in the last one everyone had gathered in like a Harry Potter dorm
sitting room like setting and were celebrating the official overness
of it all. But then Mrs. Gerard came up to me and announced privately
but so that everyone could hear (like in all dreams) that actually
this party was only for the people who had graduated IB and I hadn't
so I couldn't be there. And then everyone gave me the most savage
look! My dorm mates would say, "that's so cringe!" (Honestly I don't
know where they get this lingo from). I was so shocked and terrified
that I woke up. I'm telling you, it's PTSD, really.

In case anyone is interested, I've recently converted from indoor
volleyball to beach volleyball. Soo fun!

Reeeeeally missing my music right now. Having only a small collection
of memorized songs just doesn't cut it. It's the worst feeling ever
when you love a song but can't remember the tune for the life of you!
That happened with Studio Ghibli's Princess Kaguya theme this last
week. Becca just a reminder that I have a car driving playlist for you
when you get back. It's on your phone and it is the single most epic
compilation I've ever made; totally makes driving rock. Taking a turn
and having those choir voices screeching intensely makes every movie
dream come true for just a few precious seconds. (BTW thank you
grandma for sending that CD; it's awesome!)

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