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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

weekly email

I tried Japanese toothpaste this week. It's really not that bad. Kinda
tastes like a mild flavor of the Hubba Bubba bubble gum. Of course,
I've never enjoyed chewing gum myself so I don't know if I could
convert in the next year or so but all I'm saying is I'd be willing to
try it.
   What happened was that I got really close with our last group of
Nihonjin, and one night Miyagi Choro (companion=Ootani Choro) was just
hanging in our room brushing his teeth. I noticed his toothbrush was
unnaturally small (typical of Japan), and thought about toothpaste. So
I just asked him. It was cool. We were tight because he'd come into
our room and ask me to give him some peanuts. Then 3 min later ask
again. And again. It was bonding for both of us over our love for
peanuts. When he left I gave him the stamps he needed to send two
letters to Japan and in exchange he gave me some Japanese change he'd
had in his wallet. Got a 500 yen coin and three 1 Yen coins. Super
cool; I put one in my journal.

As the Senpai leave again, we had a huge anxiety attack over who would
be the next Zone and District leaders. It was the talk of the week.
The last two Zone leader companionships have been Trios. With the
addition of Kamae Choro, we are now a trio. So we were kinda scared.
Of course, the other option was the companion ships with district
leadership experience: Handly and Nielson Choro vs Huber and
Querroz(or something like that) Choro.  Honestly, Huber and Querroz
Choro would be a great option because they work so well together and
are spiritual Giants. But, then again, they have the sisters in their
district that supposed,y were interviewed by Daniels Shubukaicho the
other day, so that implies they will be the next STLs. You cannot have
STLs and Zone Leaders come from the same district, if possible,'so
that points back to us.
    Here's how it turned out: Huber and Querroz were indeed chosen to
be the new Zone Leaders. That means that our sisters, Coneho and Short
Shimai, were chosen to be the new STLs. (Nobody was expecting that).
With the release of Handly as District Leader, I was appointed to fill
his place for these last three weeks at the MTC. Thus, as of Sunday
afternoon, I am the new District Leader. Wesemann and Nielson Choro
were asked to be sacrament coordinators, which is funny because they
aren't even companions. But, with that, everyone in our district now
has had, still has, or just recently got a leadership position. Kinda

Sorry AnnElyse, I've come to find that I like Colgate toothpaste more
than Crest.

Hey, that black sweater might be nice. Dad, you wanna send that to me?
Getting kinda chilly down here. I can cover the small red logo with my
name tag, it'll be fine.

We have been so blessed at the MTC this week; over the last seven
days, we've seen and heard from three apostles. The first was Elder
Christofferson, then Elder Ballard on Sunday, and now Elder Cook on
Tuesday night. Each one was unexpected. You'd think they'd be more
busy with General Conference talks to prepare or something. The new
elders that come in today just missed it--I'm expected a drought of
apostles until Oct. but we'll just have to wait and see.

I found a scale somehow. I'm the same weight as when I came in. Ha,
take that you unbelievers. Wanna know my secret? I eat more salads
than anything else, and run two miles at exercise time every other
day. Else, I don't think it would be possible. Ha, hahaha.

Oh, Jacob! I have the study materials you requested. The only reason
you don't have them is that I don't have a box to send them in and I
don't have money to send it. So, the plan is to send that stuff with
all the other cool stuff I'll send home at the end of my stay here. So
expect it about first week of Oct ish. I'll be sending home all my
letters, notebooks, presents, etc. as well.  Claire, Mom, Ben, you
probably could expect something coming to you as well. Of course,
Claire, you will not be allowed to open yours until November 1st. Mom,
if you'd rather I could hold up and send you some cool Japanese
treat--you'd have to wait until mid Oct, though. Oh well; Think  about

Love you all!

Elder Cardon

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