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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

weekly mission email

This week hasn't been full of amazing highlights, really. Everyone is just ready to go out already. 

Elder Eli Booth has entered the MTC. Actually he entered last week but I forgot to mention it. It's been kinda weird to talk to him, honestly. We weren't good friends before but we knew of each other, you know? Good thing I'm leaving Monday. 

It was Ishimori's birthday on Monday 9/19 and he get dumped by his girlfriend. She sent an email with a photo attached that showed her hugging another guy. She said, "you are not my type." Awww poor guy. Turns out his teacher, Brother Chau, also got dumped on the same day so they got to hug it out with each other. We gave ishimori a box of American sweets and snacks to try to cheer him up. Another Elder has been emailing his girlfriend on days other than P-Day. He got chewed out last night by President Daniels. (The Tensai Shooter one) 
Again, the Japanese elders have all gotten sick in some way, except Yamada Choro. Apparently, Japanese medicine has only about half the strength of American medicine. Interesting fact. They've continued this ruse since they first got here, practically. I question whether or not they are really sick at this point. That whole district is really bad about attending class and focusing on prep. 

Probably the most interesting that has happened this week is that as I was standing in line for volleyball (due to player rotation), some elder from the other court's corner (so about as far away as you can get from where I was standing) managed to mess up his serve so badly that the ball sailed all the way over and smacked me just behind my left ear. I instantly felt dizzy, and couldn't hear very well. The guy had attempted an overhead jump serve, idiot. This is the MTC, don't get competitive. He apologized afterwards, though, so it was OK. Anyways, the doctor said to take it easy, rest, put an ice pack on it, and take some Tylenol (she was very specific about that). It turned out good and now I'm A-OK. 

We got our flight plans on Thursday. There was actually quite a bit of fuss over it because I didn't want to go check the mail more than my required two times to grab them, but everyone was desperate to know what flights they had. I eventually caved and grabbed them that night. The Kobe and Nogoya missions are leaving together. Th Tokyo South mission is leaving by itself (either they have enough missionaries to do that or they will be combined with Tokyo mission). Fukuoka is a flight by itself. I will have to be up and loading my luggage at 4:20 AM Monday morning (which was changed from the original 3:50 AM). Also, I have been made flight coordinator/director/person-who-makes-sure-everyone-does-what-they-should-be-doing-and-reports-any-changes-from-the-original-plan guy. Conejo Shimai is that person for the Kobe missionaries. I'm pretty sure they picked whatever missionary's name started with C, for that one. 

So today we're packing. We're getting laundry taken care of early so we can spend the rest of today's time figuring out what will go where. I don't have a lot of stuff, but I need to go through everything and figure out what to keep, including my 12 lbs of language material I picked up here. Delta is nice so we get lots of free bags.  We'll probably skip exercise time to get it done. 

We've made a pact that before we arrive in Japan, we will find the most American (probably greasiest) food and feast on it. I plan on a good pizza, others on thick burgers, some others on Mexican food (because there is no good Mexican food in Japan). 

I honestly still don't know how General Conference will work here. I think I'm supposed to pick up those plans this morning. From what I've heard, everyone will watch it together in the biggest gym they have here, and several overflow rooms. Between sessions they'll somehow manage to squeeze in a meal for everyone, and then afterwards we'll have study time, or something. The sisters will probably watch the women's session rebroadcast while the elders watch priesthood session. Really nothing special, I don't think. 

Love you all! Thanks for the support! 

Elder Cardon 

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