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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

weekly mission email

Today is such an incredible day because there are like four birthdays
going on. Huge shoutout to Mom, Ben, Grandma Huber and Grandpa Cardon!
Happy Birthday! I love you! How cool is it that my P-Day just happened
to land on your actual birthday, Mom? Huge blessings from heaven,

Here's some updates on recent happenings and such:

We changed dorms last week, for good or for worse, as of yet I don't
know. There are definitely some upsides and downsides.

Upsides: the showers at the new place actually have water pressure,
which is nice. Also, they have two curtains instead of one to leave
some space for changing. Plus, the water heater actually works and
doesn't spaz giving molten lava one second and arctic ice the next,
like the old place.
I get to have two blankets, instead of one.
The cots might be softer..?

Downsides: I sleep on the top bunk, so I need a latter to climb into
bed, right? Well, not a problem at the old place. The new dorms,
however, had some issues. First, the latter they originally gave me
was broken so that every time I climbed up it would start falling
backward like that part in LotR 2 at Helms Deep where the Uruk-hai
tried to scale the fortress and Legolas stopped them. How a steel
latter breaks, I don't know. Idiots, probably. Then, the second latter
they gave me is over 40 years old, completely different sized and
extremely cramped. It's tucked into a tough corner by the wall that
makes climbing into bed extremely uncomfortable. I just can't win.
The old place had the entire Japanese/Asia zones living on the same
floors in the same building, which was great for bonding
opportunities. Now, we're all mixed and matched with state-sides and
South-American bounds who really can't seem to get the hang of
obedience. (They got in trouble yesterday for staying up til 11:15 ish
and causing a ruckus, banging on people's doors and keeping other
people up)
One of my blankets is scratchier than unrefined wool and thin as a
sheet; the other is normal. However,'I swear the nights are colder in
this new place.
My cots have weird messages scratched into them saying stupid things
like, "beware!" And "turn around now!"
The walls are an ugly green color (like think of innards green).
The whole building is backward from the old one so we can ever find our room.
The break room downstairs has several extremely important issues: 1)
the microwave doesn't have a spinning plate in it 2) the microwave
doesn't even hardly heat any food 3) there are no Dutch waffles in the
vending machines
(We actually found that just using plain tap water, which can actually
get pretty hot, does a better job at cooking our Cup of Noodles than
the microwave does).

Yesterday my Branch President, President Daniels, took our class aside
for an hour and a half special to go into a Deep Dive into the
scriptures. It was one of the most enlightening experiences of my

On Tuesday, the devotional was given by Elder D Todd Christofferson.
Turns out, our lost member Elder Ballard snuck in to see it so we, in
turn, got to see him! It was awesome.
The Sunday devotional was given by a former BYU football player
(receiver, maybe) (...Chad Lewis?) who ended up playing in the pros
for Penn but broke his leg in the game before the SuperBowl, or
something. As expected of a lifelong athletic person, the message came
across extremely jock-like.

I received a letter from my mission president yesterday! He sent
another get to know you form, but because I actually sent in the first
one he requested I don't think I have to do the second one. My
companion, however, never even bothered haha so he has to send that

We play volleyball a lot, right? Well, at least my companion Wesemann
does. He's actually quite good, though he doesn't get a lot of ball
time, so there's been a suspicious chant going around recently to
praise his skills. Goes something like, "...Wesemann is our King!!"
(If anyone else can pick up the HP reference). His name is pronounced
wheeze-Mann, BTW.

I've decided as of Monday that lightly salted peanuts are now my all
time favorite snacking food because they don't make you fat. ๐Ÿ˜›

..and yes, Dad, DearElder does work and I do receive your letters.
Thank for them; you don't have to worry over that anymore.

Love you!!

Cardon ้•ท่€ (ใกใ‚‡ใ†ใ‚ใ†)

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