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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Food blog

Curry is a fav here

Hahaha tried to make a cobbler in a rice cooker

Mmmm soup.  I finally found bouillon!

fried pumpkin with soy dipping sauce

orange jello

savory rice topped with mandarins, lemon, butter, spices like oregano and basil...

local bakery goods.  There's a cheesy hotdog w/ BBQ sauce, hard chocolate donut, and eggplant deliciousness. Really common things out here.

If you want the most delicious thing of your life, try this:
Take a Tim Tam (Australian chocolate cracker) and bite tiny pieces off opposite ends.  Stick one end in hot chocolate, suck on the other until you taste the hot chocolate in your mouth, then eat the cracker whole.

In case you are wondering where he got Tim Tam from: There's a foreign import shop in the mall.
You can't get Kindereggs ... but interesting fact! You can eat raw egg over here because the hens are fed Natto! Mmmm 

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