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Sunday, November 20, 2016

weekly mission letter

I've been so busy lately worrying about what to do and where to be that I haven't thought about what to write this week! This'll be short. 

I got a new companion! 
Elder Kenchirō Miyaki (宮木) : From Yokohama area. This is his third area and ninth transfer. He was in Kanazawa with his Dad, Elder Bunch, and Grandfather, Elder Smith, before Ueda. 

Well, we definitely get a lot more cleaning done around the place. 

This week was kinda tough. Definitely had that hyper stress at first. I'm the area Senpai so I get to teach Elder Miyaki everything I know until he's confident to take charge. There's a lot to do. This week was slow mostly because we spent a lot of time exchanging information for questions, and Japanese isn't quite yet my forte, per se, so it kinda took a while; couple days. We had DKK twice. There were a couple lessons, but not many. Mostly just adjustment. Nothing really fascinating. 

Our Branch President Satou had a stroke. We're praying for him as he recovers. Planning to visit him today. He had a blessing yesterday. 

Saturday we ran into a miracle. Elder Miyaki wanted to go housing, but the problem is that the missionaries before us did nothing but housing. I was reluctant at first, but then thought something like "If the Lord will provide and if I am to trust in my trainer, then by golly I'm going out to see a miracle tonight." Kind of at a loss right , I then, I looked at Maps.me and found one red dot for an apartment not far from ours. Now why would somebody mark one apartment when there are so many to choose from, I don't know. So of course we tried it out. 
Aaaand I received the biggest surprise! The third door is a lady who answers in English! Hahahaha figures that the first investigator I find without Elder Smith is a Canadian. She studied Asian religions as her minor, and is curious what Christianity and Mormonism is all about. Good news is, she teaches online so we can practically visit her anytime! I was all pumped and geared to teach her, then realized when counting stats that we hadn't set a firm next appointment, so she doesn't count yet as an investigator. Aaand I forgot to get a phone number... probably half of my stress this week has come from trying to figure out Phone missionary work. 

Some other things: I'm going to try to make Eikaiwa (a free English conversation class we do as a service) bigger by increasing activities and advertisements. This week everyone is contributing in a Thanksgiving potluck! Can't wait. 

Ever wondered how Christ himself prayed? Look it up in 3 NE 19:18-23. Good stuff. 


Elder Cardon

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