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Monday, November 14, 2016

Food Blog

Here we are again!

butter, cabbage, seaweed pasta w/ Elder Abe

The attempted cookies that turned out as biscuits

a pancake-omelette: cookies and cream edition

most delicious French toast ticks I've ever had.  Made with a cinnamon sugar milk soaking sauce


caramel pancakes

our go-to easy tofu dinner

It was half-off

Kaki (parmesillianor something); in the back is oatmeal chocolate no bake cookies

best soba ever; meat was rubbed with garlic mixture beforehand

described as a pizza-man

homemade recipe

fried rice

chocolate cake from rice cooker

This is Chinese restaurant style for about $5 each

The fried chicken that made me sick last week 

Mmm kimchi

curry udon with fried onion on the side

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