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Sunday, March 26, 2017

weekly email

I'm emailing from Inuyama this week. Whoot.

My new companion is Elder McColm. If anyone remembers McColm from the
MTC (went to Fukuoka), the one who wore glasses and was way funny,
that was my companion's twin brother. Legends, both of them. They
don't look a bit alike, though. Actually, my companion is a
quadruplet, and his two twin sisters are out serving missions in
Croatia and Russia. What a cool family.

We're working hard this transfer and are going full throttle on
looking for The One for baptism. Elder McColm is all about giving
people a chance to hear the gospel from the start, and heads straight
into testimony as soon as he's introduced our names. We're starting
the work early and finishing late, often meeting many cool people and
seeing great blessings. I would actually write a bit about the people
we have met here, but there were too many and I can't remember them
all. Basically, Elder McColm and I are giving everyone a chance to
feel the Spirit and read about the gospel for themselves, and if they
don't accept at first then they just aren't the ones ready to harvest.
We may have helped them prepare to be harvested later, though, which
is good.

So, I'm trying to learn a bit of Portuguese, but I've also realized
that I'm no good at learning Portuguese. It's easier to SYL in
Japanese, by far. This is how it must feel for every missionary who
goes into the MTC not knowing a spot of the language. It's a humbling

PS For St Patrick's Day we wore green ties and I made a St patty's cake with those cauldron things you gave me. Not bad, I'd say. 

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