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Japan Nagoya Mission
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Nagoya, Japan T465-0028

Sunday, March 12, 2017

weekly mission email

A guy came to the TOEIC class who was Black-Asian. Lived his whole life in Japan, so he speaks perfect Japanese but with a black man low voice. Way too cool! He literally biked an hour and a half from Tsu to come. About 20. 

Service--we planted trees at a local park! Plus we were interviewed by a reporter, and our pictures should come out in the local ad-paper. Yay for publicity. 

I came back from a koukan to a surprise. Elder Iwaasa broke my bike: the front reflector is clean off along with my right shifter glass, plus I now have a bent and scraped right brake and funky handlebars. Man, this guy. What was he doing? 

Sunday, we booked it to the Yokkaichi college where the TOEIC test was being held for this month. Arrived just as the exit wave went out; managed to pass out about eight or so flyers a piece. Pretty good. Right after, Orton and I hit up the nearby student housing and caught a bunch of sport players just chillin with their doors open on the nice, sunny Sunday afternoon. We must have talked to another 20 kids there. Plus a random landlady who has strange intense interest in sending her grandson over to try the program out. So we know for next time to arrive early and put flyers on every car in the overflowing parking lot there. The TOEIC flyers don't have our phone # so..

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