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Sunday, March 19, 2017

weekly mission email

I got transferred!! What?! I've only been in Yokkaichi six weeks!

A bunch of way interesting things happened this last week, but I'm

feeling kinda lazy so here's a list and pictures, maybe.

PDay: district activity was bowling. We played b ball later that night

with a struggling YM

Tues: Orton and I went down to Tsu City to interview a lady for baptism

Wed: I had a ZL exchange within the apartment with Elder Arscott. Some

teachers from a Brazilian school came to Eikaiwa and asked us to

volunteer next week.

Thurs: my companion was stolen by the AP's for a day, so I was forced

into a trio. We had wicked fun and probably ate way too much.

Fri: I went on an emergency exchange with an Elder Collett from Suzuka

because Arscott couldn't make it up in time from the DTM in Ise to do

it proper. Too many exchanges, man. We went to a member's house way

out in the boonies and it basically took all day.

Sat: transfers! I'm leaving. So is Elder Garry, after a couple

transfers. The ZLs are actually becoming companions, and a whitewash

will come into Yokkaichi. I'm going to Inuyama with Elder McColm, and

Garry will actually be my new ZL. Whoa.

Sun: Ward Conference + baptism = all day at church.

Mon (this morning) we played orange baseball. Ohh yeah.

I never professed to be good at baseball...


Elder Cardon

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