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Sunday, May 7, 2017

food blog

Haha, it was so good I forgot to take pictures!  I will describe some of the crazy stuff we ate recently:

Bishop's BBQ: 
Well, Japanese people sure like to go all out on the exotic stuff. I wasn't too much of a fan for the intestines. They were all chew (even beyond steak)--like a gum that doesn't wear down and loses its flavor after a while. I honestly couldn't chew through any piece--had to swallow whole. The chicken hearts were much better; small, almost thumbnail size and skewered with four in a row. Kinda weird but not a bad meat. 

There were a lot of sandwiches eaten this week. Regular stuff. Thanks for the bag of mixed nuts--that was lunch on Friday. Lots of natto [fermented soybeans], bananas, and apples. 
I told Becca about a chill cookie shop I ate at; you basically pay $3 for a crazy cookie like cheese-honey, sit and chill with friends and wall-outlets at every seat. Seattle like environment. 
A couple onigiri', ...some cheesy pasta. I think next week should prove more interesting. We have an appointment with some Brazilian members. 

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