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Monday, May 15, 2017

food blog

Brazilian meal: basically hotdogs, but the bun is huge, the dog is cut and mixed with sauces and veggies in a crockpot, and you put a thick slice of cheese on top.

McDonald's in Japan! Look, they have wasabi-Mayo sauce and
teriyaki-Mayo sauce. Classic. The wasabi really cleansed my nose. The
nuggets were the same. This Shaka Shaka chicken is Japan MD's only:
you take the cheddar cheese, pour into the package, shake to coat the
giant McNugget, and done! Shaka Shaka means 'to shake' or something.
The drink is a small cheesecake shake. They use the spoon to stir (on
the machine) then pop it off and give it to you! (Which is why it's so

Missionary lazy meal. My companion puts ketchup and/or mayo on everything--even ramen. 


Made a cake for Mother's Day. Hahaha my companion refused to eat it. That's Fanta, btw.

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