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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Spiritual Email

This week I gave a talk in sacrament meeting about the restoration of
the priesthood. Basically, I would outline my talk as:
What is it? God's power and authority. The Essence of Eternity. The
living hand inside the glove our our church. (See Gordon B. Hinckley
book ch15)
How? Well, Joseph Smith was instrumental. This is the church of
Christ, and it could not be founded until Christ had given the go for
the restoration of His power/authority. All things in the church are
guided and sustained by this power.
Why? The Gospel. Connect this to the saving ordinances essential for
us, and I talked about 3 Ne 11:21--25 which I had studied for a lesson
earlier this week we taught to Nozawa. Christ has the ordinance call
the person by name, and acted in the authority of the Godhead
(individually). The gospel is all intertwined; you cannot talk of just
one part without referring to an eternal doctrine.
And I know that each member of the Godhead knows and loves us individually.

Nozawa! 野沢さん
Guy in his fifties who's as pure as they come, but comes from a really
dark and messed up past. No details, but there's a lot that's gone on
in his life in terms of family and relationships.
McColm found him. Hahaha McColm is resolute that Nozawa is mentally
handicapped. Nozawa takes medications for that kind of thing, but he
knows his limits well and works around them to the best of his
abilities. He'll tell us in advance when he's good or not so good.
Just a way good guy who's looking to do a lot of good to others. Has
taken in 10 stray cats, and now has four kittens as a result. Plays
the guitar, and uses the same old wooden one he first got from his dad
like 40 years ago--and his dad had already been using it for years.
Scheduled to be baptized June 11th.

Funny moment:
I traded pants with Elder Orton back in Yokkaichi because I got fat
and couldn't fit my nice brown polyester ones anymore. Don't worry,
I'm going skinny again now, but as I was putting my "fat pants" on
this morning a big ole hole ripped right through the center line. they
served me well for about two Transfers. Won't be using those anymore

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