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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Food Blog and Other Thoughts

Saturday we had WAY too much food. We have to get rid of apples
desperately, so we made pancakes. I had 6 pancakes. For lunch, we had
to get rid of spaghetti. I had 4 normal servings' worth of spaghetti.

Dad, the planks have been going great! I try to get at least one in every morning. 
Mom, I'm sorry to report that all the extra work we went into to learning laundry was for naught; I've only ever seen 1 setting on every laundry machine I've used since becoming a missionary! 
The package still hasn't arrived; my companion says the average arrival time is about 3 weeks. 

I'm thinking of starting a food blog; since coming here and being able to fend for myself, we've had some extraordinarily interesting creations go on! 

ice cream here is the best

Cooked some fruit because we have excess. Sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon for the win 

Mmmm stacks of 4 of these babies

Mmm lunch.
Here's what I'm eating right now

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