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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Paul's response to David's letter

I have an awesome letter in store full of a scripture deep dive I conducted in Mosiah 9 this morning. 

Sorry you took off work and I didn't even call. Guess I could've, if I had really wanted to (some random lady gave each member of our group 20$ at the airport), but Christmas is close so I didn't think it necessary. 

I slept on and off on the plane. On the 14 hr one I got about 7 hours, maybe 9. Idk. However, we got two full meals and one snack meal, airplane slippers, headphones, pillows, night eye thingies, and personal TVs that I could play sudoku and chess on. The seat next to mine was unoccupied, so I got extra blankets and space. A very luxurious plane ride indeed. 

The bike I bought was 5 Man (roughly equivalent to 500$ USD.) that's actually pretty expensive out here, although there were some specialties that got up to $1000 USD. The bike is a yellow sports bike made by Marin. With the required front light, rear red light, and such it came closer to 64000¥ the tires are somewhat skinny, I forgot to get a water bottle holder and they didn't put on my mud guard, but I love it. It's a 24-gear, 10.7 oz, aluminum frame without basket; has a small bell, though. 

We exercise every morning--good reminder, I'll start up some planks again. Probably much better here than before, but honestly I think I'm about as healthy as I've ever been; my abs would agree when I flex, anyways, but I do still have an air bubble that won't go away when I'm not, for some reason. 

Ueda is ridiculously cold right now; winter cold, already. Only at night, though. Thanks again for the sweater-it saved me last night as we biked to far inactive houses. 

Elder Smith is reliant on the Lord, and very friendly with the people. His approach is usually to get to know a person, establish a relationship and talk for a while about common interests before ever bringing up anything about the gospel. He is a sporty person who isn't overly ambitious or thinks very long-term for himself. He's actually a lot like me when I go out of my way to do those things, or you when you are trying to carry on conversation. He doesn't have nit-picky things or pet peeves. He loves his cereal--calls himself a cereal connasuir, and eating without milk is blasphemy. He has a tendency to leave the dishes sitting In the sink until I go to clean them later. We are figuring out the extremely complex garbage and recycling system today. He is laid back, but motivated; he'l take time to scrub the bathroom of moss or clear up a desk.  He isn't full of himself and talks just about as much as I do. 

Looks like my PDay is just about midnight on Sunday night. It's about 1:00 AM your time now; 4:00 PM here. 

Love you

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