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Sunday, October 16, 2016

weekly mission mail

Fun things this week:

I received a free Baby squid at a farmers market. The old lady was very kind and insistent that I eat it. So down it went; tentacles, head, shell, eyes and all. It was very chewy, but not gummy. Also, was fishy. Clogged the entire vascular system. 

This week we had the privilege of visiting a Nursing home of sorts for retired old ladies; it's different from America in that the ladies don't live there permanently. Rather, they visit for the daylight hours and enjoy afternoon tea together. Japanese old ladies are the best! The are so upfront about your weight and can hardly take a minute to stop talking, although they use super old Japanese so you can hardly understand a word they say! 

We accidentally visited a less active's house who, unbeknownst to us, had turned hantai (anti-LDS) earlier in the year. Also, as it turns out she is the lady that works underneath our apartment in the Beauty Shop. We were properly Scolded by a hantai for 20 min the following morning. Good thing my companion knows the most humble, polite forms of Japanese there are, else she would never have looked at us again. The members have been trying to work with her for a while now, and we feared we had ruined all their efforts forever. 

There are more 7-11s in one city here than I've ever seen in my life up to this point combined. Way to go, 7-11. 

It's freezing here! Especially at night. Apparently the worst is yet to come, though--February is the coldest month here. I need to buy winter things today. 

When I left the MTC I thought I left knowing I'd never see again Brother Robinson's cowboy Japanese accent. However, to my surprise, Goe Kyodai (a less active who has lived here for about 6 years teaching English) has the exact accent and skill level of Brother Robinson! What luck! 

I've recently seen many hawks circling the skies. It's that nice countryside life-style for you. 

Last Friday was something of a Miracle Day. We didn't teach hardly any lessons or receive many new investigators, but what did happen was awesome. After an inspiring District Training Meeting that centered on becoming consecrated missionaries, not great missionaries, we headed out to a distant village to visit some Less Actives. Upon getting lost amongst the giant mountainsides, we stopped by to ask for directions from a nearby house. The lady who answered became a new investigator. We talked for forever, and she was extremely nice and interested the whole time. She'd met Jehovah Witness missionaries for a while and wanted to hear more about Christ.  Awesome. 
Then we ride down the mountain a ways an encounter a duo of old men. Japanese old people (as I'm sure you know by now) are the best. We also talked with them for quite a while about anything and everything, laughing and joking at each other. So kind; they offered a recommendation for a delicious cheap restaurant (as we'd been fasting the entire day), and even proffered a couple nice, ripe, famous countryside apples. 
The recommended restaurant wasn't opened, so we hit a local noodle shop up instead. Again, the conversation turned long with the shopkeeper, full of mirth and sport, and about anything and everything. The shopkeeper gave us his best, and even my companion a second bowl. When it came time to pay, he would only accept $1000¥ (about 1/2 the cost of the actual meal). So great; I love that guy. 
Then, on the way home we encounter a high school student also returning home. Same situation as before. He make clear he wasn't interested in joining any church, but relinquished his telephone number to drop by and visit as friends later. Wonderful. So many miracles! 

On Sunday, we headed out into the countryside again to help a farmer move his ginormous pumpkins. As a reward for our hard effort, the church got to inherit eight or so of said pumpkins to use for our upcoming Halloween party. It was so fun! Messy, dirty, sweaty, but the rewards were sweet apple juice, chocolate bites, and long, hearty conversations. 
This Halloween party is going to be the best, BTW. 


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  1. Google translate:

    I love you, everyone's! I am grateful to me always support it up to here! Lord alive. Recently I was thinking this way. "I would like to raise a large bag to God someday." Everybody's would be the same.

  2. I love you, everyone! I am grateful that I will always support myself so far! The Lord is alive. Recently I thought of this. "Someday I would like to give a big bag to God." Everyone is the same.
    (another version of google translate. wonder what he was really trying to say...)