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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Food Blog

Now introducing a new feature: quick update on what we eat out here in Japan!! ✌︎('ω'✌︎ )
(☝︎ ՞ਊ ՞)☝︎

Sometimes money is tight; sometimes you just have to be creative. 

At that cute little Italian restaurant: 

Mr. Donuts

Peanut butter, banana, chocolate oatmeal toast

Soba: green pepper, red pepper, chicken, cabbage, potato, carrot, white onion 

Rice cooker tatin cake; I substituted a banana for one egg and baking powder and it turned into the most delicious thing I've eaten in my life 

Nikujaga: meat and potatoes and carrots and onions cooked in soy sauce over rice 


Onigiri: I balled up rice with cold water and salt on my hands, put tuna in the middle, and wrapped in cabbage 

Pumpkin muffin cake that actually tasted more like corn bread (we use the rice cooker as our oven)


Western style breakfast! 

Hobo dinner! 

Cooked apples (butter,sugar, vanilla) over peanut butter toast 


Ate at my first ramen shop. It was delicious! The meat was cut-with-chopsticks tender and seasoned favorably, the eggs halves a color-taste wonderland, there was the classic Naruto white fish thing with the pink spiral on it, and the broth was a great pork base that wasn't mild nor overpowering (unlike my neighbor's fish based one). I finished my bowl, and the member providing had given up on finishing his so I helped him out a little. Got his bowl of rice, too. As we were about to leave, I look over and see Elder Smith had left his broth unattended and rice mostly untouched. I had to help him, too. I was told many times not to keep eating, that I was overdoing it, but it was worth it in the end. Very good stuff. I think I'll go fast for the week now. 
The worst part about this is that now I've eaten all-you-can-eat fill-your-stomach-past-bursting three times in a week. The very next day, after District Training Meeting, we went to a buffet shabu-shabu restaurant. Shabu-shabu is basically the Melting Pot (like fondue with actual dinner). You have a small cauldron over a hot plate, boiling water and vegetables of your choice, and all you can eat thin slices of meat that cook really fast. You cook the meat, dip it in egg, then a sauce of your choice, and eat over rice. Of course, there were other all-you-can-eat options such as curry and ice cream, as well. This is all really bad for my stomach, probably.  

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