Mission Address

Japan Nagoya Mission
1-304 Itakadai, Meito-ku
Nagoya, Japan T465-0028

Sunday, October 23, 2016


A walk down the lane: 
Moats around the houses (gutters) 
grates on the sidewalks every 6 ft or so 
Strips of yellow with bumps for blind people 
grass sprouts wherever there are cracks in the sidewalks and on the rails 
Left side driving--think will crash at every turn 
Streets narrow as the rod of iron 
Orbs for streetlights (like Harry Potter) 

peanut butter and jelly containers are itty bitty
actually most every commercial item on the shelf is itty bitty 
ueda isn't all that cold until the wind blows 
bikes are as common as cars 
little bridges for pedestrians 
stop lights are sideways 
the little buttons say "おまちください
the church is just a regular building built across a hotel by the train station 
ueda actually has a castle. look it up. most of the cities in the countryside have a castle because they belonged to old feudal lords 
kids ride in actual cat buses 


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