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Sunday, April 16, 2017

weekly email

The highlights of last week:

I bought a Japanese pizza! As promised, it was the weirdest one on the
market. Luckily the pizza places are considerate enough out here to
provide sampler pizzas with four varieties. Imagine: the one I bought
included a teriyaki Mochi pizza, Funeral Potato-like pizza, honey
thick-slice Mayo-bacon pizza, and a corn/green pepper/tuna pizza.
Ingenious. The best was probably the last; the weirdest was definitely
the Mochi one.

In the last two weeks or so, two different people have tried to pay
for a copy of the BOM rather than just accept it with our love and
testimony. Well, that won't do. We slipped the money back into their
mailboxes, hehehe.

Moving day is much different out here than I'm accustomed to in
America. A member asked us to unload a truck; we were prepared for an
afternoon's worth of labor. After a one-way 30 minute bike ride up
there, it turns out the only thing they ever wanted us to move was
their sofa. So ...five minutes and done, kind of job. Not gonna lie, I
was a wee bit disappointed.

We were blessed with the opportunity to plant potatoes in a member's
field! Really fun. I may have a video or something.

Easter was good. It's interesting in Japan because the only people
that really know about it are church members and those who work at
Tokyo Disneyland. Probably the best thing that happened on Easter was
the hour I spent participating in the Priest's Quorum class at church.
So we have one young man in the ward--total. The conversation kinda
went like this:
(YM Leader) "Orders from the Brass (up in Stake Council): We need to
decide on an activity to do this month."
(YM) Ahm.. Idk, I don't really want to do an activity.
"Well, we gotta do something"
Ahmm.. well, I don't want to take the extra time for an activity.
Pretty busy, you know? Hey, but you know I've always liked Daniel
(Bible story); I want to try vegetarianism. Vegetarians always seem so
buff, for some reason.
"Ok, that works. Let's try going vegetarian for an entire week"
OK. I'm gonna have to check with my mom first, but let's do it! I'm down!
And then they spent the rest of class talking about how good Takoyaki is.

My deepest apologies to those who read my email a few weeks ago and
didn't understand several acronyms. I've become so caught up in
missionary lingo that I forgot most people don't know it.
OYM = Open Your Mouth; basically every time we hail people on the
street and track them down to talk church.
HTBT = How To Begin Teaching; basically what we say to make people
like us, take us seriously, and understand exactly what we're all
about--in a nice, colloquial kind of way.


Elder Cardon

Happy Easter!!

Aichi-ken, Nagoya-shi, Meito-ku, Itakadai 1-304 


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