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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Weekly Mission Email (xfer and new companion)

Welcome to another week in Inuyama.

Monday night talks: We met a rapper, and a young salesman who sells

copy machines, and a reeeally fat Nagoya man.

Thursday we made plans and got seriously pumped, ready to go, but then

everything changed when the Fire nation attacked. (we were asked to

move a fridge). I couldn't even remember my scout knots for the

service, how pathetic. Anyone got some good ones for tying down a

fridge upright in the bed of a farmer's truck?

Well, at least we got Domino's out of it. Oh, yeah!

And then we had to wonder around Kani City visiting old pins and

OYMing on foot. It actually turned out well--no complaints; we covered

a lot of ground and met even more cool people. Lots of foreigners. I

don't have hardly any pamphlets left, including all my foreign ones.

Transfer Calls:

Hey, look at that! I'm staying! But the next transfer is sure looking


Elder Ribeiro!! It's Portuguese so you pronounce that all funny--like

He-bay-e-row. Super smart, super energetic, and another companion one

transfer above me.

Elder McColm is becoming a Zone Leader over in ...Yokkaichi! No way!!

Twin cities!

Neither of the Japanese sisters transferred! That was a big surprise

for everyone.

And yeah.

Some random white couple, the James, showed up to our church on

Sunday. The husband apparently was a missionary here back in 1990 when

Inuyama was still a branch. Only the really old Branch Pres remembered

him, haha. But the lady was eccentric. She gave us peanut butter candy

galore. Took our pictures and sent them all to our moms and a

Missionary Moms Facebook Page or some other.

They have a son serving in California or something and couldn't stop talking about it. Made

for an interesting service; the man still passed off some broken

Japanese, so they managed to get by.

Then the Sister's had a baptism!

Sister Nishida Got BAPTISED,,!!! Brother Endo performed the baptism.

Good all around. She was a self referral who started showing up in

late January. Wonderful.



Elder Cardon

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