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Sunday, April 9, 2017

weekly letter

There's just so much work to go around in Inuyama. You always have
something to do; it's great. Last week was just highlights, so this
week will be the kinds of people we met in a week of Inuyama work.

On Tuesday, our last OYM's included several engineers who speak decent
English and one extremely Genki businessman, waiting at a bus stop,
who showed incredible interest in the gospel. The businessman lives in
Ichinomiya, but really wanted to learn about the church and stuff--and
maybe even go to Eikaiwa. So, Yeah; referrals for other missionaries!

Wednesday, we are on our way out to visit some people and OYM an old
couple; somehow we ended up walking with them a good 20 min to their
house, go inside, talk about their travels and then the gospel. Really
nice people; the wife had investigated Mormons forever ago. They
decided that they couldn't change their traditional religion of
Bhuddism, in the end, but were very open and thoughtful about God and
the PoS the entire time we were there. Hopefully they'll pick up the
BOM we left there sometime.

On Thursday night we met a Brazilian G-pa at the conbini smoking.
Talking was tough (because I have no Portuguese skills and he had no
Japanese skills), but it somehow worked out. Elder McColm saved the
day and got the man to accept a BOM and an invitation to church.

The next day, we met a member referral late at night and had a basic
lesson with him--introducing him to God, Christ, the BOM, and prayer.
We'll see if we can't go back. He had mild interest, and many problems
that the gospel could help resolve, so I feel that he has potential.
The last OYM that night was a handicapped guy who was super shy and
didn't speak very confidently. Well, we tried, at least.

His last Sunday we visited a referral and had to leave because they
weren't home; not 10 minutes later, Elder McColm feels the prompting
to go back--and their were suddenly home! Although the father stuck
adamantly to his Protestant beliefs, he accepted a BOM and listened to
our 5 min schpeel on the Restoration. Good news is, he was open to the
message and now the family has a BOM in the house to peep at if
someone gets curious.
Met a dude with the single fattest bike tire I've seen in my life just
outside the station.
Also met a LA RC traveling on business with his secretary, and got to
talk to them the whole train ride back home. Basically, an improv LA
lesson while I did improv HTBT lesson. It's amazing the people God
puts in our path.


Elder Cardon

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