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Japan Nagoya Mission
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Nagoya, Japan T465-0028

Sunday, April 23, 2017

weekly mission email

Elder McColm crashed into a tree on the way home Monday night. It was dark, pouring rain, and McColm had decided to wave at some dude like it was a midsummer's parade. I wonder what that guy thought when he saw McColm crash. Probably that McColm was an idiot. I couldn't help laughing because I didn't even see the guy, only that McColm launched headlong into the only tree planted in the sidewalk of the station. 

Service at Old Folk's! This time, we made newspaper hats. The glue was ...sticky. The Grandmas made fun of me the entire time because I couldn't get the hang of it all. Plus they couldn't stop teasing my English. "Ok, OK!" 

Eikaiwa! Three new students again! Wow! Fernando, Cho, and Mie. Everyone got new English names, we talked about manners, and 21 Q's was way fun--they actually got it! (It was a squirrel) 

Exchanges with ZL Elder Garry! We saw tons of miracles. 
Our companionship study was PMG 11: Commitment, Promise, Testify combo. Teach in short, powerful statements and keep the conversation two-way. It was a spiritual powerhouse. We charged with that for the rest of the day and every person we talked to was an actual, solid conversation that was full of the Spirit and made us leave feeling good afterwards, even if they didn't accept a follow-up appointment. Just a good day. 

We thought we would eat out at a new Indo-curry restaurant this week. When we pulled up, we were surprised to see about 45 bikes parked out front. Every single one of them had a baby seat bolstered on the back. That's when we began to think, "Oh, no." 
That's right: The mom curry cafe. 
Made with "All-Natural, Whole Earth Ingredients" in just the proportions you need. Basically, the servings were tiny, the usual second helpings non-existent, and the entire restaurant crowded, except for one table left in the back, with every mom in the block coming for their daily Home Motors Association Gathering. To top it off, the lunch was expensive! Rated 2 of 10 for Recommend to a Friend. 

EJ Class; the missionaries go, make friends quick, and because the set up is a simple let-loose-free-for-all-conversation, the missionaries are able to do things like teach entire lessons, or how to pray, and such and then get about four phone numbers afterward. Whaaaa? 

Family History! Dendou! Actually has turned out extremely successful. People love to talk about their families, family names, ancestors and such. Many of the people we've met on the street, i.e. Old Buddhist people, have opened up so much more because we talk about Family History instead of straight Christ from the outset. Highly recommend. 


Elder Cardon

Look at how good-looking Elder Oaks was when he was first called into Apostleship. 

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