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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day (transfers, new companion)

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

Things are going great out here. So much crazy stuff is going on right
now. It's going nuts.
Nozawa got confirmed and is now in line to receive the priesthood, a
calling, and go to the temple.
Transfers happened. Elder Ribeiro has moved out and Elder Patey came
in. There's so much about Elder Patey that is just gonna hit this area
hard and change it for the better.

The first thing he did was walk into the apartment, look around, and
say something like, "No, no, no, oh, this just won't do. We're gonna
have to clean this thing if we're gonna feel the Spirit at all this
transfer." He wasn't talking just sweeping, either, he was talking
about a Deep Clean. We're purging the place and spent a good couple
days scrubbing the floors until they gleamed. There are rooms where I
hardly dare walk around in my socks in because they are so clean.

On top of that, Elder Patey knows what a ward should have in terms of
communication between the bishopric, Ward Mission leader, and
missionaries and has determined that Inuyama has nothing on it. He's
going for a purge on this system, as well, and we've already talked
and explained to the ward the kinds of problems we see and suggested
ways to fix it.

Elder Patey is very skilled at figuring people out (i.e. Sherlock-like
observation). He observes body language and those around him as he
talks. He talks pointedly and is good at directing/controlling the
conversation towards the information he needs. Very complimentary and
quick to make easy jokes. Just a sweet guy who's easy to get along
with. This transfer is going to fly by.

BTW That's awesome to hear that Jacob and them survived the Trek. I
wonder how it was. I was actually thinking that I might write Jacob a
small spiritual letter, like what you and mom wrote each of them for
the Trek. Encouragement and love and such.

I'll write more later, and you'll see my group emails come in as well,
but for now we're off to buy groceries. Love you, Dad, and I
appreciate all you do for the family. It's really just a sweet place
because of you. There's so much we hardly even think about that we're
grateful for. Have a grand Father's Day.


Elder Cardon

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