Mission Address

Japan Nagoya Mission
1-304 Itakadai, Meito-ku
Nagoya, Japan T465-0028

Sunday, June 18, 2017

weekly mission email

Elder Ribeiro is gone! Transferred! He's off to Meito, the mission HQ.
He's been called to be the next Zone Leader there. Kinda odd, we
thought, as there aren't very many Brazilians in Meito, but think
about it this way: He's been District Leader for a couple transfers
now and needs a step up of experience; The mission desperately needs
translations to Portuguese; we heard about one new HQ investigator
who's Brazilian. President Ishii is just killing two birds with one

Elder Patey! This guy is killer.
How can I describe him? Elder Collett meets Wallace (from Wallace and
Gromit). Just the best guy.
Elder Patey loves his cleanliness, friendliness, and long futon talks.
I might shut him down on that last one, but we're making great headway
and I can tell that this transfer is gonna fly by. There's so much
vision that this guy wants to implement.

The first thing he does is scrutinize our apartment. I've been here a
couple transfers now and never minded anything, but I guess I never
saw how much improvement the apartment could have. Like, I remember
vaguely being told that the floors were kinda dirty, but I never
imagined just how much mold you could scrape off. It's like I've been
living in a pig cell.
Cleaning! So much cleaning! But even after the first day we were
seeing vast differences and feeling good about it. The study room has
turned so glamorously holy that we hardly dare walk the floors with
our socks on.

We had a huge Nozawa scare earlier this week. What with transfers,
hard scrubbing, and a mess going above our heads I think we
overreacted and panicked for nothing. Basically what happened was we
wanted to keep in contact daily with Nozawa, and so texted, called,
and such throughout the week, right? Come Friday and the texts
wouldn't go through anymore. The calls wouldn't connect. Some weird
Japanese lady said something like "The caller's..." and crazy language
neither of us understood. We thought that we'd been blocked, that
Nozawa had fallen and would go LA. Worst case scenario stuff.
Turns out that he was just behind on his phone bills.

Inuyama is changing for the better, and there're a lot of effective
things that Elder Patey wants to implement here. Things like the way
we report, communication through the leaders, filling out roles and
responsibilities and such. I'm looking forward to it.


Elder Cardon

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