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Sunday, June 4, 2017

weekly email

Zone Interviews!
President Ishii has recently been trying to interview every missionary
about once a transfer. Those were some of the best 15'min of my life.

This week, going out and about, we ran into a Less Active named Maria
at 7-11. It was God's guidance. She recently developed some health
issues, both physically and mentally, and had been thinking of us the
day before. Then, just earlier she had thought that she'd go out to
get lunch in the early afternoon, but had no energy at the time and so
waited until late afternoon, where we bumped into her. We ended up
going to her house and giving her a blessing to help her up again. She
loved it and has asked us to swing by every time we go up to the area,

ZL exchanges w/ Elder Garry again! We saw miracles that day as we
tried some morning housing, got rejected the entire time by old
ladies, and then ended up finding a person as prepared for the gospel
as they come at the last door we knocked on. This lady is seriously
going to get baptized. Plus, it's a perfect referral for the sisters
in the area because the lady doesn't work, and so is at home doing
yoga all day.

The very next day was our baptismal candidate's interview. Sounds like
it went great!
I went on a 30 min miracle exchange with Elder Garry! Trying to find s
new PI before the interview finished, we met a cool high schooler, an
awkward middle schooler, a new PI college kid, an incredible young
Vietnam fam, a kinda reluctant young businessman, and then had the
honor of meeting a professor from UCBerkeley! Nelson!

Church was overflowing with people on Sunday! Literally could barely
fit in the chapel. It was great! Lots of Less Active Brazilians and
such are coming back, and we had three investigators come.

愛しています! [I love you!]

Elder Cardon

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