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Japan Nagoya Mission
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Nagoya, Japan T465-0028

Sunday, June 11, 2017


Spiritual Gospel Principles the hour just before the baptism. Wow. They started over recently, so we're on lesson two right now and it talks about the pre-mortal world. Picture it: we were all there, together, in perfect happiness like a huge family. The Plan of Salvation was announced and everybody gets really pumped for it. Like, really pumped. And then we're told that we'll be receiving packets similar to a mission call. Inside contains information such as what era you'll come into, your family, whether you have the gospel or not, the kinds of trials you'll need to overcome, and the gifts/talents you'll have to bless the lives of others. If you had fun opening, or watching someone open, a mission call, imagine how excited you would be for this. For you church members, I've heard that Patriarchal Blessings are somewhat similar to this. 
Has anyone heard the song 「見いだそうマイフレンド」? Google it. It's really pretty. The history behind the song makes it even prettier. Something like: 
A Japanese man was considering going on a mission. One night, he saw a dream of the Premortal World similar to what I described above. In the dream, the man was told by an angel that he would be blessed to be born into a family with a knowledge of the gospel. How happy he was! The same angel turned to the man's best friend beside him and announced that the friend would be born into a family who does not have that knowledge. With tears in his eyes, the friend turned to the man and says, "Brother, please find me on Earth. Please, re-teach me the gospel!" 
"Yes. I'll find you. I'll find you no matter how long it takes. I'll bring you pure happiness, my friend," the man replied. *

I felt that one of my eternal friends was Nozawa in that moment. 

Nozawa's baptism was so spiritual. As I was reciting the words, I almost choked in emotion/Spirit. I shed a tear during the earlier class. All went well; no slips, no redos. We got out of the font, laughed and hugged in relief. Nozawa has made tremendous progress during these last couple months, and I look forward to seeing him continue to take steps to re-learn the essence of the Gospel. 


Elder Cardon 

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