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Sunday, June 25, 2017

weekly email

We had more activities than I have fingers this week, but here are
four short highlights:

Pizza Party Eikaiwa.
The sisters set up another Eikaiwa party, and it turned out really
well. They tried to set up a life sized Life, with English questions
on the squares, but the road turned too long and teams got too crowded
around the bends. We had to end the game early, but there was food so
that OK.
At least it would have been, if the kids weren't placed in charge of
making the pizzas. I'm sorry to say, but I'm not down to eat a pizza
that has both pineapple and potatoes on it, plus everything in between
and ketchup for sauce. It was just too much to ask.
We actually met a prior baptismal candidate at the party who had gone
off to college before his date, but may be down to take it up again.
That was sweet.

Elders Gubbay and Nelson came down that night from Matsumoto, as they
had the Mission Leadership Conference to attend and a special 70
Conference from Elder Yamashita the next morning to be at. Inuyama is
actually Elder Gubbay's bean area, so he used the chance to visit the
Recent Convert Maria Virginia. We had set up After Baptism lessons
with her earlier that day, actually. Elder Gubbay was a great help for
her motivation.
Since we had the opportunity to talk, we picked up a lot of old
contacts and information about the area from Elder Gubbay. He's a good
guy and a great missionary who loves those he serves.

LA Guitar
At another activity, a Less Active came who needed some love, and he
was able to find a bit by teaching me the guitar. Two birds with one
stone, I definitely want to pick this back up again. Just a sweet guy.

Carlos and Leticia
We were finally able to follow up with this Part Member family this
week. I absolutely love these guys. Carlos is a non-member, and
Leticia has already told him that she wants to be sealed with him in
the temple. They're working on the gospel together, along with their
seven kittens. It's great.
During the lesson, they told us that they'd be moving in the next week
or so due to work. That was a stab in the heart to hear, mostly
because I didn't understand when they first said it and wasn't caught
up until after we left. I hope that they'll find the lucky elders in
the next area. It's hard to find people as easy to love as Carlos and


Elder Cardon

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  1. Bob Cardon responded: Pizza with ketchup and potatoes? I would pass also.