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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

weekly email

Elder Patey became an uncle this last week and he can't stop talking about it.
Also, his bike finally came after three weeks of waiting, but then it
got a flat after the first ride and we were stuck again until PDay.

One late night, we swung into a Brazilian restaurant with the intent
to get homie with the owners, and ended up talking to three families
and teaching one the entire Restoration lesson. We have follow up
appointments and phone numbers, connections, plus a new great place to
chill and meet all the foreigners who we've been missing for the last
couple transfers. It was great.

Another late night, we were headed home, already slightly past curfew,
and bumped into three foreigner ladies who asked us to help them
adjust their train tickets. Walking the same way, the conversation got
flowing and Elder Patey focused his conversation on the Chinese
graduate student while I got the two Thai undergrads. Well, the
Chinese graduate student turned out to be  golden (my ladies, not so
much). The former was all down for coming to church, learning about
Christ, participating in Eikaiwa, etc. She actually studied
Christianity or something before. She'll only be here for the next two
months, so we'll see what we can't do in that time.

We were having a lesson with a part Member family, teaching the
husband and getting to know him, when suddenly the wife mentions that
her job is to make scissors and then pulls out her extensive
(intriguing) collection. I didn't even know that most of those
scissors existed.

At church on Sunday, a Brazilian man walked through the door and
screamed miracles. He's new to Japan, an uber strong member, and wants
to help. We totally see him being one of the new Brazilian leaders
that this area needs. We need him to help reactivate a bunch of people


Elder Cardon

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