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Sunday, July 16, 2017

weekly email

This week was full of right people at the right time. 

We got to Eikaiwa class on Wednesday totally drained. We'd been out in some heavy rain, things weren't going so well, and we were just feeling tired. Elder Patey takes me aside before we start the class and tells me, "You know that we're gonna see a miracle tonight. That just how God works. He takes your worst time and hands you something great." 
Well, some 20 min late walks in two new students: a Korean man and his Japanese tech teacher. And the Korean man asked us to teach him about the church afterwards. What. 

The ward had another big BBQ, to which we've been inviting everyone for weeks, and a lot of fun people showed up. That includes several new faces, to whom we got talking, and they showed tons of interest! Lots of homestay stories in California with Mormon families. 

Before going out one night, we had a long sincere prayer asking for guidance and the Spirit. We're inspired to go to Kani, up by a RC's house, and take the train up a little later in the night. One thing leads to another, and we got lost finding apartments. It's late, but we press on and push a couple more doors, and the last one opens up and listens to our entire schpeal called The Restoration. This guy had been invited to church before back in Brazil, and ended up attending the LDS congregation for about 5 months before moving to Japan. He hasn't liked any other church since. Has a small family and wants to knows what's right for raising his cute little girl.

Also, our Ward Mission Leader's wife was fantastic and brought a friend ready for baptism to church on Sunday. 


Elder Cardon 

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