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Monday, July 31, 2017

weekly letter

Transfers down to Tsu 

Tsu! No way, it's a port town! Ah, I smell the ocean! Smells so good, I love it. 
No way, we have a mini house! It actually has an upstairs. 
This area just went from a two companionship area with three dying missionaries, to one poor Elder Reis who's only been here a transfer and me. ...Alright! The entire district is pretty much whitewash, actually. Elder Reis is the oldest guy around. 

This week in adventures: : closing the Suzuka area apartment. "2-3 hours," they said. "Costco muffins," they said. Well, it took a good 6 hours, a scrawny muffin, some heavy Tetris skills, and lots of junk, junk, junk to clear before it got there. But! We got the best of the best from it: a GUITAR, bath mats, wall clocks, and all the packaged food in the apartment. The real question is, what was the guitar doing in the apartment in the first place? We're allowed to keep said guitar as long as it stays at the church, we practice on P-Days, and use what we learn for FHE's and stuff. So, this is gonna be awesome! 

 Elder Reis, my new comp 
Brazilian, from a southern countryside place I don't know. He speaks with thick tongues: accent, slight lisp, nasally, and the mumbles. But it's great, he's really excited to teach me Portuguese. He's only a transfer below me. Nice guy, great intentions, maybe needs to draw out a little more umph; 元気を出す。
Hahaha he has this Cute little bib for messy meals; it surprised me when said that he wanted to lose weight, and then proceeded to pull out a huge bowl of dark, thick, rich triple chocolatey brownie batter gooeyness. Whoa. Even if it's Brazilian, it's not necessary classified as "healthy"; ; Elder Reis loves teaching, loves helping;  he's a military man of a year or so; he basically learned to speak English entirely on his mission, what a stellar guy. It's gotten pretty good.; absolutely loves music. Plays the piano, sings a mean belted, nasally, almost strained yet lively hymn, and adores my dad since the moment I mentioned that he plays organ for church. We're trying to sing hymns in Portuguese and it's not too bad. Oh, gotta love him. 


Elder Cardon 

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