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Monday, July 10, 2017

weekly mission email

Recently in Inuyama: 

So we got a referral from HQ a couple weeks ago, and were finally able to make contact with the referral just this last week. They actually live in this dirty, cobweb-filled cement block of a insane-asylum type apartment building, top floor.  The referrals turned out to be members, not investigators. They had moved recently from the Philippines and are recent converts into the church, but didn't know about our church building in Inuyama. So we committed them to a pick-up and off to church with us the next morning! It was great. 

As part of Public Affairs, we are volunteers to help fix translations for the quarterly City newsletter. A meeting was held this last week for that. I got a little lost during the talks, but the mingling afterwards went super well. One old guy, who is on the English translation squad, came up to me afterwards and requested that we come visit him sometime. His daughter had a homestay in Kansas with a Mormon family some years ago, and now they love us! Hahaha this is gonna be great. 

I'm plowing through right now working with my companion in some Brazilian family visits. My ears are fine-tuning and I can feel some clockwork adjusting going on, allowing me to understand at least the general flow of the conversations. Gift of tongues is real. This last visit was a first-timer, and I actually pulled off the impression that I totally understood Portuguese, but just had a hard time speaking it. Haha!! Elder Patey caught me up later and said that whenever the lady addressed me, she didn't hold anything back. Patey saved me from a couple pickles back there.. 

Cool miracle: on a late trip home we bumped into a teenage Philippine boy who has better English than Elder Patey. This boy moved to Japan about two weeks ago, is still working on friends and doesn't speak any Japanese. Bam! New bestie! Traded numbers and we'll be following up with him this week. 


Elder Cardon 

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