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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Food Blog

Tried something new. In the pan we have noodles and fried veggies
(carrot, green peppers, white onion) cooked in soy sauce, sugar, and
Mirin. Seasoned with hot spice. Covered with egg, simmered and dashed
with ginger. Ham on top.

And then we put it on rice :) 

Made me some classic chicken noodle soup 

Look at this. This is Mochi. When you toast it, it explodes. 

Tonkatsu, miso and salad yum

Finally made my first batch of bread in a rice cooker! 

And then decided to make it delicious. In the works of a classic grilled ham and cheese sandwich. Sided with grilled pineapple and cooked apples as mom taught me 

Oooh I've hardly been more full! 

Of course we eat curry a lot out here 

A famous snack out here. Cooked--fried, grilled, charcoaled?-- yam. Very good, but also full of fiber. And that means gas later! 

And then pink potato chip like things. 

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