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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Food Blog

Something interesting called a Tokyo Banana and a nicely wrapped ?mochi?
A delicious mistake. I tried that slow cooker mandarin beef thing.. but left it marinating for a day. 

I took white onion from the marinade above (mistake) and made an omelet of it. 

These are Inari. Basically fried tofu skins with rice and some fishy thing on stuffed inside. I didn't make these 
Classic missionary instant 
We have two jams. This has become a favorite 
Karaage. These are the biggest Karaage pieces I've ever seen--half of my fist size. Five pieces, plus full meal--I was full. 
Hash browns! Sort of. There aren't really hash browns in Japan. But deep fried rice with chunks of potato and ketchup comes pretty close. 
This beautiful all American dessert. Look closely at those toppings. Each are super expensive out here. 
Something new I tried: fried Natto, egg, rice, and a miso/soy sauce mix that is delicious in the next pic. Wasn't bad. 
Oooh this was good. The above sauce, then fried meatballs (rice inside) w/a shop paste on top, add tofu and rice. 
Rice Krispies! 
Pancakes with spiced apples... ate way too much of his. There were 12 pancakes.. 

Omuri, pretty sure 

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