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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Weekly Mission Email

It's Christmas time in Japan! 

Christmas in Japan.. there's this thing called Illumination going on around here. Basically, businesses and major hubs string up a bunch of Christmas lights to make it feel more like an American Christmas for me. I really like it. I keep getting told that New Years is the real Party out here; I guess I'll just wait and see. 

Elder Miyaki done got a flat. We were trying to ride out to a Less Active's (for who-knows-how-many-years?) who lives 1 1/2 hours away, and got 75% there before it happened. Kinda sketchy, but he put pressurized air in the tube and we started our long careful trek back. Counting miracles here, one is that we made it home without his tire blowing out! 
Elder Miyaki done got a flat. Again. We were just doing OYM around Ueda and bam, there goes the Sunday evening. Man. 

Takizawa Kyodai is doing so great! What a super member he's become. Helped us with two lessons within a week. Love that guy. 

Wednesday was special. We have this guy who just showed up a couple weeks ago wanting to join Eikaiwa, and this week we extended our 30/30 program and he gladly accepted! (30 min extra English, 30 min gospel lesson). And he loves his family more than anything in this world! 
Then, the same evening, we got a phone call asking us to help out a Former Investigator (by said F.I.) with a bit of translating for a video she was working on. Sweet. 
Then, President Satou was released a week early from the hospital! Go word of wisdom. Not only that, but he asked to be at a service thing we were doing the next day (translating a video). 
And then, the video translation was a total success and the FI accepted the invite to come to our Christmas Sacrament meeting! Whooo! 

Friday. Done got lost on the trains! After a District Training Meeting in Nagano, we cluelessly boarded a train that went the opposite direction of where we wanted to go. It was a scenic two hour detour. Loved the extra planning time. 

We got a mysterious phone call about trump and religion in the middle of the night. Still unsure what that was about.. apparently the lady may come to our Christmas party? How that worked out I have no clue. 

いつもどうりに、ありがとうございます!😊 今週新しい好きな聖句を見つかりました!Alma 5:34. 信仰を試して、主の約束を得ましょう。どうぞ、ゆっくり味わて見てください。主の言葉は真実だと知っています。まことに、feastしてください。そうすれば、自分の必要な導きを必ず見つけると約束します。キリストの御名によって、アーメン。



google translate: Always thank you always!見つ I found a new favorite scripture this week! Alma 5:34. Let 's try our faith and get the promise of the Lord. Please, take a moment and taste it. I know that the word of the Lord is the truth. Truly, feast it. Then I will promise to surely find the guidance I need. By the name of Christ amen.

I love you.

Elder Card
that flat

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