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Sunday, December 18, 2016

weekly mission email

Merry Christmas from the frosts of Ueda! 

We found an investigator! A brand new one we'd never met before! Yay! 

Rice Krispy Treats are a success at Eikaiwa! They had never seen nor heard of the treats before! It was fun to see them guess what was holding the thing together (honey? Haha) and their reactions at how simple the recipe was. An American treat!? Whoa! And we had cheers and talked about table manners and politely passed the Rice Krispies around and thanked each other like proper people do. It was lots of fun. 

I almost died standing in the bitter wind as my companion dragged on a conversation with a less active for almost two hours! It was good, and after it was all said and done I turned to Elder Miyaki and asked, "So, in summary, how was it?" to which he replied, "She has some potential." I'm glad we can take the slow and steady route at least with some people. 

We had a very spiritual lesson with our baptism candidate on Thursday. He has been struggling recently with receiving answers to his prayers and feeling God's love and plan for him. Basically lost a bit of faith whether or not God is looking out specifically for him, as he goes through some trials and can't see his future very clearly. So we shared a story, showed two videos, and extended three commitments to get him back on track. I pray he'll receive an answer to his prayers and feel peace this season. 

I received my Christmas package! And am very curious as to what could be inside.. (haha you had to write the contents on the customs tag. I left mine really ambiguous, and only actually wrote a couple of the various items :P Although there are some items I wasn't expecting written, certainly. Book? I don't recall requesting a book..). Boy! Sending a package way out here is expensive, isn't it? 

We are starting a program to have every companionship, every district, every zone in the entire mission see a baptism in January. Every ward/branch is participating in a huge fast and it's so cool. I can't wait to see the blessings in store for us. I've already seen huge blessings just in how well our approaches and housings have gone; although investigators are still rare, we definitely are led by the spirit and have grown bolder, happier, and more inspired in our talking. 

We watched a Mormon message video the other day. It was all about a guy who sings for a small time band and enjoys spending time with his family. The video was more than half way through when I  thought, "Oh, I think I know this guy; I recognize his voice from somewhere. Bastille?" Imagine my surprise when I found out that the guy was actually the main vocalist for The Killers! That guy is a Mormon!? Whoa 

このクリスマスの季節でみんなさんはちゃんと私たちの主と救い主を覚えてほしいです。たしかに、キリストは私たちの星です。✨ (^ω^)信仰の炎を輝く!



Google translate: Everyone wants us to remember our Lord and the Savior properly during this Christmas season. Certainly, Christ is our star. ✨ (^ ω ^) Shine the flame of faith!

I love you!

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