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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Food Blog

 My attempt at being healthy this week

These things are all over Japan. They are called ___man. You fill the blank in with what's inside. This is a yasaiman. Nikuman is famous. Pizaman are at 7-11. Etc.etc.

This is actually oatmeal 

Made a trip to McDonald's! 
The first is a chicken nugget patty with cheese; didn't see those before in America, but it may be a new thing. It's been a while since I last went. The second is a chocolate treat: just flaky crust encasing a rich chocolate brownie, essentially. Pretty good. 

Remember that baby squid from forever ago? Well, here it is again. I ran into that same lady from before on our adventures, 

Unbelievably easy yet delicious rice cooker eggs. Perfect every time 

 Look at this beauty
 We had a feast after church!

 French toast!

Not very good fried potatoes 

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