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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Food blog

I'm making some pretty bomb fried rice after picking up a trick from
AE. This stuff is loads better than what I was making before!

Hey look, Jacob, I made okonomiyaki, too! Here's my version: 
(PS my companion saw the sauce on the side and said, "That's so American." I thought it was way cool. I inserted diced carrots and mushrooms into this one--someday I'll visit an okonomiyaki restaurant and see all the different varieties.) 
PPS okonomiyaki is best made with thin slices of meat. Ever thought about trying out bacon?

My "healthier" breakfast: granola, banana, yogurt

Way to ruin my healthy breakfast--with unhealthy dessert. I received a bottle of 65% berry juice from a member; what's inside the other 35% of the bottle, the world may never know. Made in Hong Kong.

And a watery Berry Bowl is born! 

To be continued... 
(I ran out of space in the email due to me commentary.) 

It's amazing what you can buy for under $5 at the convenience store; here are some examples from this week: 

We were treated to a restaurant named Big Boy (Hamburg and Steaks; not to be confused with hamburger, I learned). All-you-can-eat salad, soup, curry, and drink, plus the menu item.

President Ishii visited Ueda for church on Sunday. It was also his birthday on Saturday. To celebrate both his gracious, rare presence and the happy occasion we went all out at the Food Meeting afterwards. Somebody was supposed to bring soft-shelled tacos but he never showed up.. but there's cake! And Rice Krispies! Sandwiches, garlic spaghetti and parsley spaghetti, o-Inari, apples, onigiri, and special Mochi squares!

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