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Monday, January 9, 2017

food blog

This is literally the single best bowl of ramen I've ever had: miso
ramen. Don't be fooled by the separation of the broth and spicy sauce;
most every ramen I've seen out here has some oil and broth used, so
it's very common. The point is they're complimentary.

This is a fancy Mochi that once upon a time was reserved only for the Emperor to eat on New Year's.

We had these things around; if I microwaved them, and put some teriyaki chicken marinade on it, no lie they tasted exactly like chicken from ABC Mandarin. 

This is the cause for disaster; this is the worst thing I've ever eaten. 

We went to eat at the huge Karaage chicken place again! 

A cheap bowl from a Bento fast food place 

Missionary instant meal here: Natto, rice, cabbage, spices

We treated ourselves to "new Harvest" rice we received at Christmas. Made fried rice of it, then topped with Katsu. Soooo good. New Harvest rice is the most delicious rice in Japan.

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