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Sunday, January 22, 2017

weekly email

Greetings from Ueda! This week:

I tried me some Anchovy Butter because it was on sale. It wasn't very
good; I wouldn't recommend it. 6 out of 10 would not recommend to a

Wow. So miracle of the week: we had this guy last week who just showed
up to Eikaiwa after we had literally posted to his apartment earlier
that day. This week, after Eikaiwa, he comes up to me and asks about
Mormons. He asked me if I could teach him about Christ. I was like,
"Yeah, I can teach you about Christ!" Then he asked about the BOM, and
if he could somehow get a copy. I was like, "Yeah, I can get you a
copy!" We set up a lesson for that Saturday. Come Saturday, we teach
him the whole Restoration and after some HTBT find out that he had
literally come from China to Japan in order to study and enter a
Christian church. Then he asked, "Do you guys have a reihai (church
service) I can come to?" Boom! Minds blown. We're too excited. "Yeah,
we have a reihai you can come to!" This guy is awesome. (BTW his name
is Kuri).

We woke up and Elder Miyaki was just dead. He just had no energy. We
were exchanging sheets for a service project and it was Zombie slow
the whole time. But it was A-OK; we got back to our regular get-up
right after that.

Elder Miyaki has taken a sudden interest in cursive. Well that's nostalgic.

We attended a sketchy origami class where people were literally going
nuts over a piece of copy paper folded into accordion shape. Ooooh

And that's about it!


Elder Cardon

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