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Sunday, January 22, 2017

food blog

I found a Denny's out here and I just had to try it out. Expecting
something similar to America, I was blown by receiving the exact
opposite: Denny's out here it an actual, semi-fancy dine in. They have
courses, and the waiters are on their toes for your every command, and
the courses are descent meals that aren't breakfast at all. I started
with a cheese Caesar salad, then Doria (hamburger w/cheese over rice
and surrounded by curry), then a huge American Devil chocolate
parfait. Wow. Pink lemonade was free refills.

Made an actual sandwich! Like, an actual sandwich! With tomatoes and lettuce! 

Made a potato bar! Like, with peppers, tomatoes, ground beef, onion, ranch and such! 

Healthy breakfast: granola, yogurt, berry sauce, and raised cracker 

Homemade udon 

To be continued...

We made actual hamburgers! Like, with tomatoes, lettuce, mushrooms and
such! Look at the beautiful progression

Classic ramen 

A cheap pizza! 

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