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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Hello from Ueda!

My companion believes burnt food contributes to cancer. Does it? 

We posted to the most random apartment and had a new guy show up to Eikaiwa that very night. Blessed. 

Virginia's Letter to the Sun (a New York newspaper way back in the day) and the Editor's reply is just astounding! Is Santa Claus real? Hmmm. We read the answer for Eikaiwa and it went way over everyone's heads, but it was still fun. Afterwards I told them the names for the different fingers and toes, which was a much more understandable activity. That was fun, too. 

old oreos! Mom, you got the better of me! I can't believe I didn't see it before! The expiration date! Aaaaaaahhh... 

Wow Friday in Saku City was blasted with blessings. 
First we got to meet a Less Active who everyone loves but dropped off the radar for a whole month, and we had a great time talking about various things over a great lunch. We get to visit him again the next day, and see him the day after at church! Yeah! (Ah, except he didn't show up to either of those. Oh well.) 
Then miracle of miracles! We went to find a service activity in Saku City, and the lady we met who was helping us has a daughter who actually stayed in Utah for a year (for an exchange program); the daughter attended church and such and just basically loved the Mormons! She has wanted to go to church ever since coming back, but hasn't been able to find the place. So.. here's the person we've been waiting for! Baptism! Hahahaha we'll see 
Later that night we thought we'd drop in on a person who hasn't actually been an investigator but everyone knows is super close to becoming one, maybe--if you can pin her down. Turns out she was having dinner, and invited us in to share it with her! (Her good friend graciously gave his presence to make this possible). It was awesome! Toward the end we got to explain some basic things (i.e. Lesson 1) and invite them to learn more. So.. that happened. Free dinner and unplanned lesson is good. 

Lastly we were honored with the presence of our mission president for church on Sunday! This is an extremely rare occurrence. Plus, it was his birthday the day before! We had a good time over sandwiches and cake, and he gave some good advice on what to do for LAs and missionary work in Ueda. Tea time for daaays. 


Elder Cardon 

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  1. To an extent yes, burning or darkening foods leads to the formation of certain compounds that have been connected with cancer. Take from that what you will.