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Nagoya, Japan T465-0028

Monday, January 9, 2017

weekly mission email

Heloooo from Uuuueda! Some updates: 

I've destroyed my health; I don't know if I can ever recover it again. This week, I made the single worst meal I've ever eaten, and I'm pretty sure it's slowly breaking down my cells with the pure gargliness of it. I can still taste the overbearing sense of expired corn on my lips. My stomach churns from the use of all the other slightly expired ingredients I threw together in the pot simply just to use them. Mayo couldn't fix it. Sauces couldn't fix it. Spices couldn't fix it. All my attempted reparations only served to jumble and make matters worse. Literal bleh. 
It actually reminded me of some of the things made playing Chopped at the house, for some reason.. 

We had a miracle call Thursday night. Our less active friend who dropped out of the books for an entire month suddenly calls and asks for a visit next week. Sounds like he's moving again, but this time he's actually going out of our boundaries so he wants to give a proper farewell or something like that. Really sad because he's literally my favorite person I've met since coming to Ueda. We'll keep in contact, bet on it. 

I attempted to play tennis and it was hard. 

I gave a talk in sacrament meeting! 

DTM was all testimony all around. Everyone was given ten minutes to share what they learned from reading the entire BOM over the holiday. Good feels. 

We made a mistake and it was extremely costly. On Saturday we were supposed to teach an Eikaiwa at 1:00, so we left extra early to make it on time. When we switched train lines, we hopped on the wrong one and ended up going clear out to Karuizawa! We had to go back to Komoro to switch again, then walk to Eikaiwa. But we walked to the wrong location! Apologizing profusely to the members, we walked another hour to get there--making us late almost two hours. We skipped lunch in favor of time, so afterward (being starved) we had to stop by somewhere and pick up some food. That really puts a damper in my wallet. I'll be a penny pincher from here on out. 

We had another miracle call on Saturday night. Our most promising investigator who went on a business trip to China for a weekend and has been MIA for several weeks now suddenly picked up his phone! He's A-OK and we actually made an appointment with him for the next day! Yesssss 

Ere you go. 

Elder Cardon 

Aichi-ken, Nagoya-shi, Meito-ku, Itakadai 1-304

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